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Study Abroad

In the junior year, Barrack offers a unique opportunity for our students to study abroad for one trimester in Israel and Eastern Europe. The goal of this program is to offer core studies experientially, consistent with the school's mission statement (commitment to Israel, understanding Jewish history). Students report this as a life-changing experience with a whole new level of appreciation for their Jewish roots.

Approximately 3/4 of our junior class avail themselves of this wonderful program. Housed in dormitories on the Muss campus in Hod Hashron (a suburb of Tel Aviv), students cover a general studies curriculum that parallels Barrack’s first trimester syllabi in Math, History, English, and World Language. Through the Muss “Core” program, students learn the history of the State of Israel in classes in conjunction with extensive tiyulim (trips) to those very historical sites. Our juniors have daily contact with Israelis and engage in a full range of social, cultural, and recreational activities.

One full week during the trimester is spent studying the Shoah (Holocaust) in Poland. Barrack juniors travel to cities such as Krakow, Kazmierez, Tarnow, Warsaw, and Lublin to learn about the history of the vibrant Jewish people who once populated these towns and cities. Our students also visit several concentration camps throughout Poland, including Majdanek and Auschwitz-Birkenau, deeply emotional experiences that further deepened their understanding of the immense tragedy that befell the European Jewish community in the 20th century.

Barrack is the only independent school in the tri-state area that offers a trimester-long study abroad program for students. We are proud that the trip to Israel and Poland allows our students to live the school’s mission. Our students return with greater maturity and a much stronger connection to Israel and their Jewish roots.