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Middle School to Upper School

Barrack Hebrew Academy provides a seamless transition from Middle School to Upper School, building self-confidence, academic and social skills, and a passion for Jewish life and learning that students carry with them throughout their years at our school and through life.

Our Middle School students, grades 6-8, learn and grow in a warm, nurturing, pluralistic and joyful environment. On their journey of discovery, they are encouraged to explore, question, and advocate for themselves by caring teachers who guide them as they navigate the challenging world of adolescence.

The Middle School program promotes academic excellence in both general and Jewish studies while recognizing the unique and constantly changing needs of Middle School students. Our Middle School students also have the opportunity to participate in an array of enriching extracurricular programs, inspiring them to discover their passions and accomplish their goals. At the end of 8th grade, Barrack students are prepared academically, socially and spiritually to tackle the rigors of a Barrack Upper School education.

Upper School students are prepared to succeed academically and to assume leadership roles in the classroom, during minyanim, on the playing fields, and in the community. They also enjoy mentoring Middle School students, tutoring them in specific subjects, inviting them to join clubs and sports teams, and helping them prepare for their roles in school plays. It is not unusual to see Middle and Upper School students enjoying lunch together in the dining commons or spearheading club activities. Special friendships are formed that enrich both Middle and Upper School student life.