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Integrated Jewish Values and Culture

Students at Barrack live out their Jewish values in their classes, on the playing fields, in holiday celebrations and in days spent serving others in the community. Students and teachers at Barrack have affirmed a unique Derech Eretz pledge: the entire student and teacher community has affirmed the six values of honor, honesty and humility, community, fellowship and modesty. Jewish studies classes at every level introduce Jewish values as part of an abiding commitment to moral education.

  • Sixth graders discuss the importance of interpersonal ethics in a unit on returning lost objects.
  • Seventh graders study justice in Jewish tradition
  • Eighth graders look at inappropriate speech.
  • Ninth graders consider the four movements in the American Jewish community and they discuss what it means to live a committed Jewish life, driven by the values affirmed by each movement.
  • Tenth graders study the foundations of Jewish ethics before embarking on practical ethics such as medical ethics and sexual ethics.
  • Eleventh graders study theology as they come to consider the value of a belief in God and the value of a commitment to atheism.
  • Twelfth graders study the value of understanding different gender roles in Judaism and the values in other religions.

Throughout a student's career of studying the Tanakh (the Bible) at Barrack, she or he will have ongoing opportunities to consider the moral priorities in the Bible as they compare to our contemporary values.

Jewish tradition values those who live who seek to show honor, who pursue knowledge, who show respect, who cultivate good health, who eat a proper diet, who maintain appropriate speech, who spend time in prayer, study and self-reflection, and who show an appreciation for those living with differences. Our students at Barrack share and live out those important values.