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Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy boasts an amazing group of alumni — more than 2,900 to be exact. Our students take on leadership roles in a variety of medically related fields when they leave Barrack. Our students have become leaders in medicine, dentistry, research and biotechnology, as well as ancillary fields such as physician assistants, nursing, physical therapy and more. The education they receive while at Barrack is stellar — 85% of students get into their first-choice colleges. That's an amazing statistic! In an effort to provide ongoing support and mentorship to our students as they formulate their career paths beyond Barrack, we are thrilled to announce the formation of the Barrack Healthcare Network.

With so many students interested in a healthcare career, this network will serve to guide our students in their pursuits and to help make their choices easier and more educated. We seek to use the expertise and networking capabilities of our Barrack community to bring speakers in these fields to the school, find internships for our students, and even mentor our students as they pursue a college major and a future career in the medical field. At the same time, we are aiming to raise new funds for our school to support many related activities/upgrades such as: New equipment for the Middle and Upper Schools Science Labs, Middle School TEVA trip and various other projects related to the Medical/Healthcare field.

If you are interested in joining the Barrack Medical/Healthcare Network please contact Rachel Baum, Senior Institutional Advancement Officer by phone at 610.922.2335, or by email at There are a variety of avenues of participation.

At JBHA, we are committed to providing our students with all the resources they need to achieve the career of their dreams and become the future leaders in their fields.

Thank you and we look forward to being in touch. 

Jack M. Barrack Medical/Healthcare Network

Dr. David Ufberg
Dr. Jacob Ufberg
Committee Members
Dr. Tricia Beatty
Dr. Darryl Berkowitz
Dr. Jill Chevlin
Dr. Suzy Goldstein
Dr. Brian S. Englander
Dr. Phil Hershman
Dr. Leah Lande '89
Dr. Marsha Katz ‘86
Dr. Jennifer Sherwood
Dr. David Webner


Chief Operations and Development Officer
Senior Institutional
Advancement Officer
Development Associate
Development Associate