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Barrack Medical/Healthcare Network

Consisting of Barrack alumni, parents, and community members, the Medical/Healthcare Network is dedicated to creating networking and professional development opportunities for members along with providing guidance and support for students interested in pursuing medical and healthcare-related careers. 

Using the expertise of our Barrack community, the Medical/Healthcare Network works to bring speakers in the medical/healthcare fields to campus, help place students in internships and service learning, and mentors students as they pursue a college major and a future career in the medical field. 

The Barrack Medical/Healthcare Network also raises money to support the school in related activities and facilities improvements.

Past Programs Include

Upper School Career Day

Co-hosted by our Affinity Groups/Legal Counsel as well as parents, alumni, and members of the community, this event brings speakers to share their career journeys and insights with upper school students about their careers advice to our students and gives members an opportunity to connect and network.

Discussion on “An Exclusive Conversation on Resiliency” 

Featuring Steve Collis, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer at Cencora (formerly AmerisourceBergen), this program on resiliency discussed medical pandemic responses and the evolving global pharma industry.

Barrack Medical/Healthcare Network Committee Members


Dr. David Ufberg
Dr. Jacob Ufberg

Committee Members

Dr. Jeff Berger
Dr. Darryl Berkowitz
Dr. Scott Fink
Dr. Oren Friedman ‘91
Dr. Laura Gober
Dr. Michael Gober
Dr. Matthew Hocking
Dr. Leah Lande '89
Dr. David Oxman
Dr. Deborah Stein
Michael Thomas
Dr. Aaron Ufberg
Dr. Marissa Wilck

Interested in joining the Barrack Medical/Healthcare Network? 

For more information, please contact Rachel Baum, Senior Institutional Advancement Officer by phone at 610.922.2335 or by email at


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Senior Institutional
Advancement Officer
Development Associate
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