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Leadership Development and Student Government

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From their first day at Barrack, we empower each student to embrace their unique perspective and take on leadership roles.

At Barrack, we believe in fostering self-confidence and resilience, instilling a strong sense of purpose, and enabling our students to become influential leaders inside and outside of the classroom.

Students can lead or found clubs, become team captains, direct performances, or be elected to one or more of our school government organizations.

Student Association

All students have an active voice in what happens at Barrack through their Student Association (SA) representatives, who meet regularly with our Head of School and other school directors to discuss policies and concerns affecting campus life. All organizations and clubs operate under the umbrella of the SA and an academic department or division. SA elected officers, whose one-year terms start and end in March, also serve on our Board of Directors and Athletic Committee.



Middle School Council

Our Middle School Council (MSC) represents the unique needs and interests of our middle school students beyond their representation in the Student Association. The MSC deals with issues and fundraising solely for the middle school and organizes events such as dances, movie nights, and other activities that help make our middle school a vibrant community.

Derech Eretz Council

The Derech Eretz Council brings together student representatives who are elected by their classmates to raise awareness about the Derech Eretz/דרך ארץ pledge (our school’s honor code) and to consider high-level disciplinary issues. Members are committed to ethical awareness and to raising community spirit.