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Student Clubs and Activities

  • Middle School only clubs are designated with (MS)
  • Upper School only clubs are designated with (US)
  • Upper School and Middle School combined clubs meet at lunch
  • Middle School only clubs meet during the club period


Upper and Middle School Lunch Clubs


Animal Rights Club (MS and US) 

Animal Rights Club will discuss issues regarding the treatment of animals and other animal related current events. Ultimately the goal of our club would be to make a change and create more awareness in our school community through supporting local animal shelters or an animal sanctuary. Opportunities to sample vegetarian food and hear about cooking tips for vegetarians may be part of our meeting time. Non-vegetarians are welcomed. Faculty advisors: Laura Lyn Stern (US) Mrs. Miller (MS)


Annenberg (US by invitation only) 

The Annenberg High School Science Symposium is an opportunity for students in the Honors Biology class to extend their interests in medical science.  Students are invited to participate in the symposium forming a team of up to 14 students who will select and research a topic in medicine and presenting their research at a community symposium that occurs in March.  Bioethical implications are always an important part of the research and presentation.  Students will have a kick-off event that will involve watching a laparoscopic surgery and meeting the other teams in the tri-county area. Some of the topics students have researched in the past included genetics, transplants, and viruses. Faculty advisor: Mr. Mitchell


Arabic Club

The Arabic Club will aim to promote both the Arabic language and the cultures surrounding the language. We hope to create a place where people can learn the Arabic alphabet, numbers, learn some vocabulary, participate in short conversations and discover the culture. We will also discuss current events but we will try to avoid political confrontations and promote peace. Students who want to join are encouraged to be open minded and invest time in learning the language. Participants will receive a textbook and are expected to regularly attend meetings. Faculty advisory: Ricki Markowitz


Art Resource (MS and US)

During Art Resource students have the opportunity to use the Art facility and supplies to create their own work, design work needed for non- Art and Art classes and commune with other student artists. Faculty advisor: Laura Lyn Stern


Barrack Broadcasting Club

Faculty Advisor: Dewey Oriente


Book Club (MS)

The MS Book Club was initiated by students who love to read and discuss books.  We choose books of all types that intrigue us.  Sometimes, if a movie has been made based on the story, we will watch it after reading the book and compare how the subject matter was handled in the two formats.  We also occasionally invite guest speakers to lead discussions about the books we have read. Faculty Advisors: Mrs. Pransky and Mrs. Sittenfield


Cancer Awareness Club (MS and US) 

The Cancer Awareness Club holds sales and contests benefiting cancer research, makes cards and other fun gifts to give to children affected by cancer and also raises awareness of cancer throughout the school. Faculty Advisors: Rabbi Rosenberg and Mrs. Gillio


US Chesed Club

A club devoted to working on and coordinating all sorts of projects related to Chesed and Community Service. Examples include various food and clothing drives, visits to old age homes and soup kitchens, fund-raising efforts for various causes, educational programming on various service oriented organizations and social justice issues, and the commitment to spreading general acts of loving kindness in our community. The club is heavily involved in planning Lag B'Omer each year as well as one major fundraising event. Previous events include Strut to Support (2009), a fashion show for Tikvah Children's Home, Chips for Charity (2010), a casino night for Juvenile Diabetes Research, and Play to Plant (2011), and a game show night raising money for Renewal of the Carmel Region in the Israel. New ideas and new members are always encouraged to join!  Faculty advisor: Rav Will


Chidon haTanakh

Chidon haTanakh is an annual international Bible contest.  Participants throughout the world study selected books from the Tanakh in preparation for a regional exam taken at their schools.  Those who qualify have the opportunity to compete in a national contest, and the top four United States finalists win a trip to Israel for a two-week Tanakh camp, and the chance to compete in the international competition on Yom haAtzmaut.  Students who are interested in learning Tanakh trivia and developing their knowledge and skills as we prepare for entry into the contest are welcome to join our club. Faculty advisor: Mr. Freidenreich


Cinema Appreciation Club

The Cinema Appreciation club is a great opportunity for Barrack students to explore different genres of films and to expand their knowledge of movies. We will meet on A days during lunch  to explore a variety of film genres.  Film selections will be age appropriate for high school students and will be based upon their interests. In addition, students will lead film discussions regarding themes and techniques. We thought it would be interesting to watch films from different time periods and compare them to more modern movies. By doing so, we can see the difference in techniques, acting and the cinematography. Some examples of movies we are planning on showing are Inside OutThe Breakfast ClubMeans Girls, and The Martian. Together we will bond over food and tasteful films. Faculty advisor: Mrs. Sittenfield


US Israel Club חוג ישראל 

Israel Club promotes the love of Israel at Barrack by bringing a greater awareness of Israel to the school community.  The members of the Israel Club generate excitement about Israel and Israel-related activities in the school.  Thanks to the Israel Club, the students have many opportunities during the year to experience Israel with culture, music, food, holidays and current events. The Israel Club promotes Israel advocacy at Barrack. Upper School Faculty advisor: Dr. Sigal Strauss


Citadel: The JBHA Yearbook (US) 

The school yearbook captures the highlights of the school year and the memories and reflections of each graduating class. Faculty Advisors: Mrs. Messinger (yearbook) and Ms. Lawrence (yearbook business)


Classics Club 

If you are curious about Medusa's hair style, if you want to know how gladiators really fought, if you have any interest in mythology and the ancient world at all, then the Classics Club is the club for you. Join us for films, readings, discussions and activities about these and other topics of ancient and abiding interest.  Faculty Advisor: Mr. Hofstetter


Cougar Chronicle (MS and US) 

Barrack’s English language school newspaper is written and designed entirely by students in high school and middle school.  After rising through the ranks, older students lead and mentor newer members of the staff. We report and discuss that which interests our readers – world news to school news, and much more. Students brainstorm an article list, write and edit the articles, take photos, create artwork, sell ads, organize layout, and learn what it takes to produce a full-fledged newspaper. The finished product is distributed in print and online.  Faculty advisor: Mrs. Pransky



DECA is an organization that helps students gain experience in the fields of marketing, finance, and business management. Students will work together to prepare for local DECA competitions in which they will demonstrate their presentation, organization, and written skills. Students successful at the local level can progress to state and regional competitions.  DECA encourages students’ creativity and independence and is a great way for students to develop business savvy. Faculty advisors: Ms. Burnstein and Mrs. Platt


Derech Eretz Council (MS and US)   

The Derech Eretz Council brings together student representatives who are elected by their classmates to raise awareness about the Derech Eretz pledge (our school’s honor code) and to consider disciplinary issues of a high level. Members are committed to ethical awareness and to raising community spirit.  Faculty Advisor: Rabbi Judd Levingston


Drama Club (MS and US)

The Drama Club is a subsidiary of the Drama Department. Club agenda each week would vary depending on the time of year and the upcoming shows. The club would host music workshops, song selection aid, side readings and information sessions about upcoming shows with the director. The club would also help fundraise and promote the events of the drama department. The drama club will host a "musical of the month" where members will vote on favorite musicals and listen, watch and discuss. Drama club will also arrange cast bonding activities. The club will also host two QandA panels per trimester for students interested in taking part in the Barrack shows. Faculty Advisor: Dewey Oriente


Barrack Drama Department (MS and US)

The Drama Department produces four shows a year. Three are for the Upper School grades 9-12:  Barrack Repertory Co., Upper School Drama, and Upper School Musical. The Middle School produces the Middle School Musical grades 6-8. We are also always looking for people who do not feel comfortable in front of the footlights, but want a creative outlet, and that is the Stage Crew which is open to both upper and middle school. If you have any questions please email Dewey at Hope to see you soon! Faculty advisor: Dewey Oriente


Engineering Club (US) 

Engineering Club is for all students in grades 9-12 who like to design and create things.  Some past year’s projects students have worked on have been fuel rockets, bottle rockets, paper rockets, dragsters, solar powered cars, crash test cars, catapults, go carts, lip balms, Rube Goldberg devices, towers, bridges, gliders, pin hole cameras, and wind power turbines.   Students can choose which types of projects they want to do based on their own personal experience and interest.  It gives students the opportunity to be creative, work with their hands, learn how to use tools and construct things with their hands in a relaxing environment that is non-competitive.  The club is also a friendly place for students to be with friends and make new friends across the grades with similar interests.   Faculty advisor: Mr. Maiman


The Environmental Action Club (US) 

EAC is a student-centered organization whose mission is to protect, conserve, and improve the environment by taking action on local environmental issues. The Club will also raise awareness about local, regional, and global environmental issues through publication, presentation, school and public interaction.  We have assisted the River Bend Environmental Center, the Heifer Fund campaign by purchasing cattle and the Kibale Reserve in Africa run by two Barrack alumni.  The EAC also assisted the Chesed program by cleaning and gardening the local Bryn Mawr Prospect Avenue Park.  We are directing our efforts to promote conserving energy and effective recycling here at the Barrack campus.  We are expanding our efforts and need new members to continue our efforts. Faculty advisor: Rabbi Judd Levingston 


Gateway (US) 

Gateway is the literary and art magazine for the upper school.  Publishing original student work, the staff selects the material and designs the magazine.  Gateway also has an online edition. Faculty advisor: Mrs. Anderson


GSA (MS and US) 

GSA is a safe space within our school in which people can feel comfortable and accepted, regardless of their sexuality, physical, mental, or intellectual ability, and level of religious observance. By creating this safe space, we aim to educate our peers and our community as a whole and to promote tolerance and respect amongst them, and to discourage bullying in any and all forms it may take. Faculty advisors: Mrs. Gillio and Dewey Oriente


Harry Potter Club (MS and US) 

Harry Potter Club is a gathering place for students who have enjoyed and want to discuss JK Rowling's award-winning series of young adult novels and the movie adaptations.  The Harry Potter Club explores the magical world of Harry Potter.  Faculty advisor: Mrs. Anderson


HEAR Holocaust Education And Reflection Club (MS and US) 

HEAR Club plans the assembly and program for Yom Hashoah, discusses literature, movies, current related events in the world and stories about the causes and effects of the Holocaust as well as learning how future generations can effectively educate the public about the time period long after the last survivor is gone. Faculty advisor: Mrs. Schwartz


Human Rights Club (MS and US) 

The Human Rights Club aims to educate the Barrack community about human rights issues. During meetings, the club discusses issues and ways to take action to promote human rights and benefit human rights organizations. Human Rights Club also plans to organize and host several fundraisers throughout the year in order to turn our thoughts into actions. Any club member who wants to organize a human rights initiative can become a "project leader" and explore ways to turn an idea into a reality. Faculty advisor: Mr. McLaughlin


JETS Team (US)

JETS is a group of students from grades 10-12 who meet once a cycle at lunch to prepare and practice for their participation in the JETS TEAM competition. This is a one day competition where students work as a team to apply math and science involving real world engineering problems. This club fosters career awareness, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills. Faculty advisor: Mr. Maiman


Jewish Teachings Club

The Jewish Teachings club is a club about how to become a great Jewish leader.  We learn about Jewish ethics and how they apply to our world today. Discussion topics vary week to week like how to give a compliment to trusting someone. Food is always provided like sushi and pizza. Faculty advisors: Lea Bakor and Rabbi Levi


Le Çercle Français (The French Club, MS and US)

French Club is a celebration of French culture, language, film, art, music and food. The French club provides cultural learning that is supplementary to that provided in French class. Our goal is to increase awareness of French culture and to practice the language in a non-academic setting. Our agenda includes: showing and discussion of French language films, inviting guest Francophone speakers, making and serving traditional French food, playing French games, and planning and taking field trips (and maybe to Paris!). Faculty advisor: Dr. Sigal Strauss


L’Shem Shamayim (US) 

We write to right the world. This magazine publishes students' thoughts and opinions about foreign policy, global issues, and international concerns (in English!) L’Shem Shamayim is a sophisticated journal of foreign affairs with a focus on the Middle East. With the release of one issue per year, we invite students to take on a topic of current relevance and present it to the student body in the form of a thesis article in the journal. Last year's issue was titled "Rights or Wrong?", which discusses rights throughout the world, including an individual's rights (such as gay rights or women's rights) as well as a country's rights (for example, Iran's right to nuclear infrastructure). Faculty advisor: Mr. McLaughlin


Math Club (US) 

Students work individually or in groups (whichever he/she prefers) on PA Math League Problems.  Working on these interesting contest problems prepares the students for PML's and the AMC test. Additionally, students will receive 1 point extra credit in their math class for each time they attend math club. Faculty advisor: Mrs. Strick


Math Counts (MS) 

Students work individually or in groups on math problems. Students will receive 1 point extra credit in math class for each time they attend math club. Faculty advisor: Mrs. Shatzman


Math Center


M’et L’et (MS and US) 

Barrack’s Hebrew language publication. The editorial staff consists of students of all grades who have an interest in publishing their written work in Hebrew. Our older editors serve as mentors for younger writers and make sure they will be able to grow and take leadership positions in the future. Our staff includes artists, photographers, layout experts, all having different levels of Hebrew proficiency. What unifies the staff is their love for the Hebrew language and their pride in their product. Our team covers world news, Israel, school issues, art and entertainment, sports, Shaashuon (fun page) and news from our students at Muss. Come, join our team and be proud of your published work in Hebrew! Faculty advisors: Mrs. Tzabbar and Ms. Lerner


Mock Trial (US) 

Mock Trial is a team of 12 students who participate in competitions arranged by the Junior Division of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.  Faculty advisor: Mrs. Scheinmann


Moot Beit Din (US)

JBHA students participate in the annual Moot Beit Din competition, in which more than twenty Jewish day schools from across the US and Canada take part.  Students in the Moot Beit Club will receive a hypothetical case, which they will research and decide as a court would, on behalf of the "Moot Beit Din of Bnei Barrack.”  Past cases have raised issues of whether teachers can form unions and strike for better pay; whether a person can be compelled to donate his bone marrow to save a dying stranger, and what a person can claim copyright protection for under Jewish law.  Up to four students are selected to attend the competition, where they will present and defend JBHA's decision before a panel of judges.  The competition is held in a different city each year; Kansas City, Ft. Lauderdale, San Francisco, Denver, Washington, D.C. and Toronto have been recent hosts.  THIS PROGRAM IS EXCELLENT PREPARATION FOR LAW SCHOOL "MOOT COURT" COMPETITIONS. ) Faculty advisor: Rabbi Michael Yondorf


Political Action Club (US)

Barrack Academy Political Action Club (BACPAC): Young Democrats, Young Republicans, and Young Independents will meet once per cycle to promote political awareness in the Barrack community. Faculty advisor: Dr. Ziskind


Spanish Club (MS and US) 

Spanish Club provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the vibrant culture of Spanish-speaking countries using film, music and the arts, to learn about the cultural and ethnic diversity of the Spanish-speaking community and to incorporate important holiday celebrations into the calendar.  The club hopes to learn more about the Hispanic community in the area and to explore the cultural offerings available to us in the Philadelphia area. Faculty advisor: Mrs. Niegocki


Sports Debate Club (US) 

The Sports Debate Club meets once per cycle. Our club president reviews a list of sports related topics and from there, each member will have an equal opportunity to provide insight on their stance and disagree with other members. Sports debate has special competitions throughout the year, including Super Bowl predictions, NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge and Sports Trivia Contests. The club has visited local sports talk radio stations as well as professional teams’ facilities. In addition, the club has guest speakers throughout the year. Faculty advisor: Mr. Devlin


The Student Association (SA) 

SA represents the students to the Administration of the school. Each grade will elect a representative per class section.  The discussions that take place in SA meetings involve the day to day life of the student body. From the mundane items such as approval of sales, to much more difficult issues such as disciplinary policies; all these are on the agenda of SA. Join us and represent your fellow students. We plan trips such as the yearly ski trip in January. We run evening events like the Coffee House, where students may showcase their talents. Faculty advisor:  Mr. Dorsch and Rabbi Yondorf


Tea Club

Faculty advisor: Mrs. Taichman


Topics in Science Club (US) 

Topics in Science will discuss current issues in science, including new technologies, scientific and medical advances, ethical issues in science, and more. Members are welcomed and encouraged to bring up topics of their own interest. The club will also organize speakers from different scientific fields to highlight current research and careers in the sciences. Faculty advisor: Mr. Maiman


Torah Lishmah (MS and US) 

"Torah Lishmah" is all about Jewish learning for its own sake.  The goal of Torah Lishmah club is to create a consistent and comfortable space for participants to study any Jewish text of their choosing at their own level and pace, in chevruta (pairs).  Students may learn Tanakh, Parshanut, Mishnah, Gemara, Shulchan Aruch, Rambam.... anything that is available to them in the school library or in their own libraries, and they may study with any interested partner in the school, so they are not limited to the set school curriculum or to their own grade, or even to what others in the club are studying.  They may come to the club with an already chosen chevruta partner and/or study focus, or they can develop one with the guidance of the club advisor.  The advisor is available for consultation and assistance as needed throughout chevruta study, but otherwise the club is entirely participant-run and the subjects participant-driven. Faculty Advisor: Mr. Freidenreich


Ultimate Frisbee (US)

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest moving laid-back games around. Serving as our own referees, seven players on each team score goals by throwing a Frisbee down the field from teammate to teammate. Since it's a passing game, it's good to know how to throw a Frisbee disc and the coach and players can help you if you want to learn the game. In 2014-15, the Barrack Ultimate team played at least four games against other schools and in two day-long tournaments and we earned a reputation and won a spirit award! Practices are at lunch and once or twice a season, on a rare Sunday morning. Faculty advisor: Rabbi Levingston


World Affairs Club (US) 

World Affairs Club meets once a cycle to discuss current events, issues of global significance, politics, and international conflicts. Together with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, we participate in two city-wide simulations. In the past these have included a Model UN, a Model G-20 Summit, and Model Senate. These forums give students opportunities to simulate and understand the workings of international relations. Everyone in grades 9-12 is welcome, new and returning members encouraged!  Faculty advisor: Dr. Ziskind.


Writing Center 

The Writing Center is a valuable, grade-saving, free tutoring service, staffed daily by an English teacher and several trained student tutors.  It is open to every student in grades 6-12, every department, and every type of writing assignment.  The Writing Center is available for help with all stages of the writing process, and is open for business every day at lunch in room 314.


Middle School Club Period Club Descriptions- A7 or G2:


Arabic Club

Faculty advisor: Morah Ricki


Art Club

Faculty advisor Ms. Stern


Board and Card Games

Faculty advisor: Mrs. Raphel


Cake Decorating Club

You'll learn how to decorate everything from cookies to cupcakes to full-size cakes.  You'll be able to surprise your friends and family on birthdays and other special occasions.  And you'll surprise yourself when you realize that now you know how to create flowers, pictures and all sorts of intricate designs that taste delicious! Faculty advisor: Mrs. Pransky


Comic Book and Graphic Novel 

Students will have the opportunity to read and discuss comic books and graphic novels. They will also compare this type of writing to short stories and novels- what the illustrations provide for the readers and why there is less text.  Hopefully, there will be one or two comic books or graphic novels written as well! Faculty advisor: Mrs. Messinger


Drama Club

Faculty advisor: Dewey Oriente


iPad Cinematography

Faculty advisor: Mr. Dorsch


Knitting/ Crocheting Club

The Middle School Knitting and Crocheting Club meets once each cycle. The club is guided by student interests. Students who already know how to knit or crochet are invited to bring their projects and work on them during club time; students who want to learn a yarn craft will have the opportunity to learn basic stitches and hopefully complete a small project. Faculty Advisor: Ms. Lerner


Life Hack Club

Faculty advisor: Rabbi Lauren Brody Hyett


Middle School Council

Middle School Council is responsible for informal activities in the Middle School. We plan after school activities such as Movie Night and Game Night. We also try to plan lunchtime activities to promote school unity. MSC is also represented on SA to present MS needs. MSC raises funds through sales to pay for MS activities. Come join us and make your voice heard - you can make it all happen! Faculty advisors: Mr. Gottlieb


Model UN

Faculty advisor: Mr. Leiberman


Reading Olympics

Reading Olympics is a countywide competition where students have the opportunity to display their knowledge of popular books in a game show setting.  The competition is fast-paced, exciting, and very challenging.  The Olympics are primarily a celebration of reading rather than a contest. All participants are awarded ribbons. Since the teams generate much excitement about this reading event, the experience is rewarding for everyone involved. It requires students to work collaboratively in a team.  Faculty advisor: Mrs. Sittenfield



Faculty advisor: Mr. Maiman


Rock Band

Faculty advisor Mr. Horowitz


Settlers of Catan

Students will learn the strategies and have fun playing the board game, Settlers of Catan. This board game is a strategy game that combines elements from both Risk and Monopoly. Faculty advisor: Ms. Hannah Soffer


Sports and Fitness

Faculty advisor: Mr. Devlin


Stock Market Game

The national Stock Market Game allows students to compete with other middle school students, while learning about how the stock market works and basic economic principles.  At the start of the year, each team of students is given a bank account; throughout the school year, the team invests these funds in real stocks and trades them in real time.  By the end of the school year, the team that has been the most successful can earn awards at a county-wide celebration.  Most important, students learn important realities about how our nation’s economic system operates, as well as the value of teamwork in making important decisions. Faculty advisor: Mrs. Pugach


Ultimate Frisbee

What could be more “ultimate"​than Ult-i​-mate Frisbee! Girls and boys are all welcome at the Ultimate Frisbee Club.  Ultimate is a unique game, in which players serve as their own referees, so we will learn about the "spirit of the game" while learning some skills and playing some games for fun.8th grade will meet in the fall and 6th and 7th in the spring.  Faculty advisor:  Rabbi Levingston


Word and Strategy Games Club

Word and Strategy Games club focuses on strategizing and playing such word games as Five-by-Five, Boggle, Super-ghost, and of course, Scrabble.  Each meeting introduces the game, teaches techniques to hone students' word skills, and allows students to apply those skills in games played with one another. Faculty advisor: Mr. Freidenreich


Yoga and Meditation

Students will enjoy trying various yoga poses to strengthen their body and achieve a greater sense of balance. Students will also learn the fundamentals of mindfulness and how it can be used in daily life to manage stress and bring a sense of calm to our busy lives. Faculty advisor: Mrs. Farrell