The Yoms

We recognize the centrality of Israel to our identity and our people. In that vein, we foster a deep commitment to, and lifelong relationship with, the State of Israel—including its language, culture, and people. We nurture ahavat yisrael/אהבת ישראל (love of Israel) through the study of Hebrew language and biblical texts and by the cultivation of a deep knowledge of Israel’s history, culture, and contemporary society.

At school, we observe significant Israeli holidays—the Yoms—as they do in Israel, with recognition and celebration:

  • Yom Ha'Shoah/יום השואה (Holocaust Remembrance Day)

  • Yom Ha'Zikaron/יום הזכרון (Israeli Memorial Day)

  • Yom Ha’Atzmaut/יום העצמאות (Israeli Independence Day)

We mark these days with school-wide guest speakers, music, special foods, and most importantly, the feeling of community.

One masked student puts her arm around the other's shoulder during outdoor Yoms celebration
Three masked students jump rope under banners of Israeli flags at outdoor Yoms celebration
Three masked US students with paddleball gear during outdoor Yoms celebration
Masked MS students doing an Israeli dance outside with blue and white balloons
MS student in festive Star of David headband eats lunch
Masked Yoms celebration organizers with hands full of Israeli candy
Barrack students in masks and Israeli accessories waving Israeli flag in front of school