The Yoms

We recognize the centrality of Israel to our identity and our people. In that vein, we foster a deep commitment to, and lifelong relationship with, the State of Israel—including its language, culture, and people. We nurture ahavat yisrael/אהבת ישראל (love of Israel) through the study of Hebrew language and biblical texts and by the cultivation of a deep knowledge of Israel’s history, culture, and contemporary society.

At school, we observe significant Israeli holidays—the Yoms—as they do in Israel, with recognition and celebration:

  • Yom Ha'Shoah/יום השואה (Holocaust Remembrance Day)

  • Yom Ha'Zikaron/יום הזכרון (Israeli Memorial Day)

  • Yom Ha’Atzmaut/יום העצמאות (Israeli Independence Day)

We mark these days with school-wide guest speakers, music, special foods, and most importantly, the feeling of community.

Girl in Yoms facepaint
Girl with mud on face for %22Dead Sea Spa%22
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