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Holocaust Education and Reflection (HEAR) Club

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The Holocaust Education and Reflection Club strives to guide the Barrack community in learning how future generations can effectively educate the public about the Holocaust long after the last survivor is gone.

The Holocaust Education and Reflection Club (HEAR) plans Yom Ha'Shoah/יום השואה (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and other all-school assemblies with survivors, liberators, film makers, historians, and the children and grandchildren of survivors to educate this generation about the atrocities that occurred during the Holocaust. HEAR Club members host monthly "lunch and learn" events where there is more opportunity to interact with the speakers; when there are no speakers, the club members discuss literature, movies, current related events in the world, and stories about the causes and effects of the Holocaust.

The club takes trips to retirement communities with residents who survived the Holocaust. Each year, the population of these residents dwindles and HEAR Club wants to make sure as many students meet survivors and hear as many stories as possible from the last generation of live witnesses. Each year, HEAR club presidents facilitate highly visible legacy projects that involve the entire student body. Past projects have included Tiles of Tolerance, The Butterfly Project, The Flower Garden (For Those who Never Had the Chance to Grow), The Cattle Car of Dreams, and The Restoration and Rededication of a Salvaged Torah Scroll.