Our dynamic clubs provide extensive social growth opportunities and build a sense of school camaraderie as students work together to develop programs, bring in speakers, organize food drives, and more. Run by students with the guidance of a faculty advisor, clubs meet during lunch, rather than after school, so everyone can participate. Some clubs are limited to upper school or middle school students, while others include every grade. Clubs give our students the chance to interact with peers who may not attend classes with them. Students can build robots, campaign for animal rights, work on any of our six publications, participate in student government, and more. With nearly four dozen options, there’s a club for everyone.

Academic Clubs

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is a nonprofit, national organization that works with different schools and thousands of girls. It helps create a comfortable environment in which young women can learn and excel in the male-dominated field of computer programming. Using Girls Who Code curriculum and lessons, our chapter inspires and immerses girls into computer coding at an early age.

Math Club

In Math Club, students work individually or in groups on Pennsylvania Math League (PML) problems. These interesting problems prepare students for the PML contest and American Mathematics Competition. Students may also play math games and do logic puzzles or other math-related activities.

Math Counts

Students work individually or in groups honing their problem-solving abilities while taking on non-routine, contest-like problems. If there is enough interest, students may enter a competition for area schools.

Robotics Club

Students master the basics of robotic engineering and have the chance to apply what they've learned with hands-on activities.

Stock Market Club

Students learn the ins and outs of the stock market and buy and sell stocks through a fun, interactive stock market game.


Animal Rights Club

This club’s primary goal is to make change and increase awareness throughout our school community of animal rights concerns by supporting local animal shelters or animal sanctuaries. Club members discuss the treatment of animals and other animal-related current events. Meetings sometimes include opportunities to sample fare and hear about cooking tips for vegetarians, though non-vegetarians are welcome.

Environmental Action Club (EAC)

This student-centered organization protects, conserves, and improves the environment by taking action on local environmental issues. In addition to promoting energy conservation and effective recycling at Barrack, the EAC raises awareness about local, regional, and global environmental matters. Past activities have included flower sales, water bottle giveaways, and a trip to Harrisburg to visit different agencies.


GSA is a safe space within Barrack where people can feel comfortable and accepted regardless of their sexuality, physical, mental, or intellectual ability, and level of religious observance. Barrack GSA educates our community, promotes tolerance and respect, and discourages bullying in any and all forms.

Holocaust Education and Reflection Club (HEAR)

The Holocaust Education and Reflection Club (HEAR) plans Yom Ha'Shoah/יום השואה (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and other all-school assemblies with survivors, liberators, film makers, historians, and the children and grandchildren of survivors to educate this generation about the atrocities that occurred during the Holocaust. Learn more about the HEAR Club here.

Human Rights Club

The Human Rights Club educates the Barrack community about human rights issues. During meetings, club members discuss ways to take action to promote human rights and benefit human rights organizations. The club also organizes and hosts several fundraisers throughout the year. Any club member who wants to organize an initiative can become a "project leader" and explore ways to turn their idea into a reality.

Political Action Club

Young Democrats, Young Republicans, and Young Independents meet to promote political awareness throughout the Barrack community.

Women's Empowerment

This club offers a place for young women at Barrack to encourage one another to achieve their dreams.

Arts and Culture

American Sign Language

This club is dedicated to learning and teaching American Sign Language.

Art Resource Club

Club participants use our art facilities and supplies to create their own work, design projects needed for class assignments, and spend time with other Barrack artists.

Chess Club

In Chess Club, students celebrate the sport of chess through games and technique study.

Coffeehouse Club

Student artists and musicians perform, hang out, and talk about music while working together on cover songs and original work.

Drama Club

As a supportive complement to our Drama Department, the Drama Club holds music workshops and cast bonding activities, helps with song selection and side readings, conducts information sessions with the director about upcoming shows, and helps fundraise and promote Drama Department events. The club also hosts a “musical of the month,” where members vote for their favorite musicals and then listen, watch, and discuss them.

Photography Club

Photography Club is a place for beginners to learn basic techniques and for more experienced photographers to perfect their skills and be a part of the Barrack photography community.

Tea Club

Tea Club gives students a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the school day to enjoy some downtime and drink kosher tea. Club members enjoy each other’s company while watching calming, informative videos about tea.


Afrika Tikkun

Afrika Tikkun is a chapter of the global organization that develops and uplifts young people in underprivileged communities in South Africa.

Cancer Awareness Club

Our Cancer Awareness Club holds sales and contests benefiting cancer research, makes cards and fun gifts for children affected by cancer, and raises awareness throughout the school.

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is a club aimed at providing surgical patients at Lankenau Medical Center with a comfortable recovery and allowing our students to give back to the community. Club members sew heart pillows that patients use to cushion their surgical area when they cough. All instructions to make the pillows are given to those offering to help.

Hesed Club

Hesed Club members develop and coordinate projects related to community service and hesed, the commitment to spreading general acts of loving kindness in our community. Activities often include food, clothing, and fundraising drives; visits to nursing homes and soup kitchens; and educational programming on service-oriented organizations and social justice issues. The club is also heavily involved in planning Lag B'Omer activities each year as well as one major fundraising event. The club has previously hosted Strut to Support, a fashion show for Tikvah Children's Home; Chips for Charity, a casino night for Juvenile Diabetes Research; and Play to Plant, a game show night raising money for renewal efforts for the Carmel region in Israel.

Humanities and Literature

Book Club

This club was started by those who love to read and discuss books of all types. Sometimes if a movie has been made based on a book, the club will watch it after reading the book and compare how the subject matter was handled in the two formats. The club also occasionally hosts guest speakers to lead discussions about the books they have read.

Harry Potter Club

Harry Potter Club is a gathering place for students who have enjoyed and want to discuss J.K. Rowling's award-winning series of young adult novels and the movie adaptations.

Le Çercle Français (French Club)

This club celebrates French culture, language, film, art, music, and food. Its goals are to increase awareness of French culture, practice French language in a non-academic setting, and supplement the cultural learning that happens in French classes. French Club activities include watching and discussing French-language films, hosting guest Francophone speakers, making and serving traditional French food, playing French games, and planning and taking field trips.

Res Classica (Classics Club)

Members of Res Classica (the Classics Club) discuss classical trivia and history—everything from Medusa's hairstyle to how gladiators really fought to mythology and the ancient world. The club presents film screenings, readings, discussions, and activities related to classics topics.

Science Fiction Book Club

Students from all grades are welcome to bring their voices and interests to this club, which explores the science fiction genre through short stories and novels written by a diverse group of authors. Club members discuss both the literary merits of these works as well as the larger themes they present. The responsibility of picking the works discussed falls largely to the members of the club.

Spanish Club

Club members learn about the vibrant culture, ethnic diversity, and holiday celebrations of Spanish-speaking countries and cultures through film, music, and the arts.

Judaism and Israel

Chidon haTanach

Chidon haTanach is an annual international Bible contest. Participants throughout the world study selected books from the Tanakh in preparation for a regional exam taken at their schools. Those who qualify can compete in a national contest, and the top four United States finalists win a trip to Israel for a two-week Tanakh camp and the chance to face off in the international competition on Yom Ha’Atzmaut/יום העצמאות (Israeli Independence Day).

Israel Club/חוג ישראל

Just for our upper school students, this club promotes love of and advocacy for Israel by bringing greater awareness to our school community. Club members generate excitement about Israel and Israel-related activities, showcasing many opportunities to experience culture, music, food, holidays, and current events firsthand.

Jewish Teaching Club

This club leads students on their path to becoming Jewish leaders. Members learn about Jewish ethics and how they apply to the world today through discussion topics that vary week to week.

Jewish-Muslim Relations

Members of this club discuss the relationship between Jews and Muslims in America with a focus on our similarities, our differences, and the importance of standing together. The club mission is to create a school environment that welcomes people of different cultures, focusing on student views about Islam.

Torah Lishmah (Tanakh Club)

This club creates a space for students of all grades to study Tanakh together. Entirely student-run and student-led, club members choose which topics and books they would like to focus on. Students talk with each other in open discussions that are mindful of the text and respectful of each member’s thoughts.

Outcome-Based Clubs

Learn more about our outcome-based clubs, including Annenberg Symposium, DECA, Mock Trial, Moot Beit Din, TEAM+S, Topics in Science, and World Affairs Club here.

Physical Fitness and Emotional Wellness

Cheerleading Team

The Cheerleading Team supports our school’s basketball teams with spirit and sportsmanship.

Sports Debate Club

The Sports Debate Club discusses and debates sports and related topics. All members have equal opportunities to provide insight into their personal stances and respectfully disagree with other members. The club hosts guest speakers and special competitions throughout the year, including Super Bowl predictions, an NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge, and sports trivia contests. The club has visited local sports talk radio stations as well as professional teams’ facilities.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest moving laid-back games around. Serving as their own referees, seven players on each team score goals by throwing a Frisbee down the field from teammate to teammate. New players are welcome.

Wellness Club

Wellness Club is a place for students to relax, de-stress, and feel as if they’re not alone in whatever issues they’re dealing with. It’s a safe space for students to hang out and talk—or not talk, depending on what they’re comfortable with. Club members have judgment-free conversations, give each other advice, enjoy stress-relieving craft making, and are there for one another. They also organize sales to support mental health organizations and raise awareness of mental health concerns.


Learn more about our publications, including the Cougar Chronicle, Cougar Monocle, L'Shem Shamayim, M'et L'et, Citadel, and Gateway here.

School Government

Learn more about school government, including the Student Association, Middle School Council, and Derech Eretz Council here.

Student Help Centers

Hebrew Tutoring Center

The Hebrew Tutoring Center is available to any student who needs or requests extra help or wants additional enrichment activities in Hebrew.

Math Center

Upper school tutors help students with math work at the Center.

Writing Center

Our Writing Center is a free tutoring service staffed daily by an English teacher and several trained student tutors. It is open to students in any grade for any type of writing assignment.

Students in lab coats at Annenberg Conference