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Student Life

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At Barrack, everyone belongs.

We’re a true community where 6th graders are perfectly comfortable interacting with upper school seniors. Jewish Studies teachers invite their classes over for Shabbat dinner. Classmates go out of their way to support their friends in times of need. 

Beyond the classroom, our students have so many ways to connect with their interests and their peers—from clubs, publications, and student government to experiential learning, sports teams that are competitive but welcoming with a no-cut policy, and so much more. We even encourage our students to create their own clubs focused on passions they want to explore and share.

School Spirit

Through pep rallies, events, and school spirit days, our students are excited to show why they love where they learn.


Clubs, held during lunchtime, give students the opportunity to explore new passions and take on leadership roles.

Batei Barrack

Batei Barrack ("Houses of Barrack") fosters cross-grade connection, school spirit, and an appreciation for our core Derech Eretz/דרך ארץ values, each of which is represented by one of the four houses.

6th Grade Retreat

This annual event takes students off campus to experience a day of team-building activities and grade bonding.

9th Grade Retreat

9th grade students travel to Camp Green Lane to build deeper connections as they begin their Barrack upper school journey.

Trips and Events

School-sponsored ski trips, carnivals, and events give students the chance to spend time together outside the classroom.

What are our students up to?

    At Barrack, we learn more than academics. We learn how to live.