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Barrack PTO

Dear friends and families:

The Barrack PTO (Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy Parent Teacher Organization) is part of a collaboration that seeks to be the “bridge” between parents, administration, faculty and the Board of Directors. Our vision is to help parents feel comfortable joining the ongoing dialogue and narrative at Barrack.

The years our children spend at Barrack are special and fly by all too quickly.  As parents, we are so lucky to have an outstanding team of teachers, advisors and faculty who support, nurture, educate and respectfully collaborate with our children every day.

In addition to creating many social opportunities for parents and families to join together, the Barrack PTO also supports the many extracurricular interests of our children and their teachers. These include the Drama Department, the Israel Club, Sports Booster Clubs and many others. We also support events within the Jewish community such as the Philly Friendship Walk (held on the Barrack campus) and the Great Big Challah Bake sponsored by Aish and Jewish Federation.

To this end we ask parents for of a commitment of $36 yearly to Barrack PTO dues. We are grateful for these dollars, and use these funds to support all of the activities and events listed above and more. The events on our calendar are informative and exciting, social and fun - we are focused on giving all of us a chance to really get to know one another!  (Click here for a calendar of dates and locations of each planned event, and please join us)

We also invite you to join us for any one (or all) of out Barrack PTO meetings throughout the year. They will take place in the early evening and a light dinner will be served (who doesn’t yearn for a night when you do not have to answer the “what’s for dinner?” question)!  This year, in an effort to be as geographically diverse as possible, we will hold two meetings on the Barrack campus and two meetings at the Abington Library in Abington PA (please see the Barrack PTO Calendar for dates and times). We encourage you to join us and look forward to meeting you.  We welcome your suggestions and participation!

In addition to Barrack PTO meetings, events and emails, we aim to stay connected through our Facebook page. Like us and talk us to us!

As a community of family and friends at Barrack, the PTO can also serve as a “life vest” to those among us who may be in need of some additional support throughout the year. Whether someone in our community is working through an illness or loss, our goal is to insure that they know that they are not alone. Each grade will have a “Mitzvah parent”. That person, along with other parents within the grade, will help coordinate and meet the needs of a family who has reached out with a specific request.
Our message is pretty simple - we are also two Barrack parents who, through programs and events, want to continue to build and foster a sense of warmth and friendship in our Barrack community. But we cannot do it alone. We hope you will check us out, participate in as many events as you are able and volunteer as much of your time and talents as you are able.

Our hope is that together, we can all take a minute out of our all too busy lives, come up for some air and get to know one another.


Cindy Singer
Lisa Sandler

PTO Co-Presidents