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Service Learning

Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World)

Our students strive to repair the world in many ways. They organize human rights conferences; rally against genocide in Darfur; build houses with Habitat for Humanity; raise funds for Jewish and non-Jewish causes; and volunteer time to promote tolerance and peace.

Chesed: Giving Back

Performing deeds of loving kindness is a timeless Jewish value and an ongoing Barrack Hebrew Academy tradition. Chesed programs offer Barrack students of all ages the opportunity to give back to the Jewish community and the community at large. Unlike traditional clubs that meet on a scheduled basis throughout the year, students can participate in one-time events or become involved with ongoing programs, making a positive difference. Chesed programs include tutoring inner-city elementary school students, packing food for the needy, brightening the lives of the elderly, and serving as role models for Jewish nursery and day school students. During their school career, 100% of Barrack's student body participates in Chesed programs. Middle School students participate in at least three Chesed programs per school year and students in all grades volunteer during the city-wide Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, working along side students from schools throughout the region to make the world a better place.