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Alexander Muss High School in Israel

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An expression of our school’s special relationship with Israel is our participation in Alexander Muss High School in Israel’s study abroad program.

In this program, our 11th graders spend the fall trimester at Muss experiencing the land of Israel​, where they learn the history of the Jewish people through traveling the country and attending classes with students from all over the world.

For many of our students, this life-changing visit deepens their appreciation of our shared Jewish roots. In addition to regular secular academic subjects, they take an intensive class on Israel and Jewish studies while living in dormitories on the Muss campus in Hod Hasharon, a suburb of Tel Aviv. They likewise take trips to historical sites, engage in conversation with Israelis, and explore a full range of social, cultural, and recreational activities.

During the trip, students take a week-long journey through Poland to learn about pre-war Jewish life. They visit concentration camps and see firsthand the re-emergence of Jewish life in modern Poland. Students return from their time abroad with greater maturity, meaningful memories, and a vibrant connection to their own identity.

See Israel through the eyes of current student Sammy K., Barrack Class of 2024, during her grade's trimester at Alexander Muss High School in Israel.

The Jewish National Fund (JNF)/Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy Muss Scholarship Fund was established to provide scholarship resources to students attending our trimester study abroad program at AMHSI. Barrack and JNF have partnered to establish this endowment fund to ensure that all students who want to experience studying abroad in Israel with their class can enjoy that opportunity. For further information on this fund, or to donate, click here.

Being on Muss has changed my life, and I really think if you talk to anyone that has come back from this program they will say they returned to the States as a better version of themselves. At Muss, I discovered what it really means to be Jewish and why I love Israel so much. Thank you to all who make this incredible experience possible.Sammy K., Class of 2024