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Israel education is at the heart of our mission and vision at Barrack.

Our program introduces students to Israeli history and culture, fostering strong ties to Israel through a nuanced study of primary sources, extensive historical analysis, and Jewish texts that speak to our religious and emotional connection.

Classroom­-based education includes work with textbooks, primary documents, song, film, and narratives. Informal education features school wide celebrations of holidays, conferences, student-planned assemblies, workshops with outside speakers, and programs sponsored by the student-led Israel Club.

We inspire and engage our students so they graduate with knowledge and sophistication on modern Israeli issues

Beyond the classroom, we educate our students about Israel experientially by observing the Yoms, including Yom Ha'Shoah/יום השואה (Holocaust Remembrance Day), Yom Ha'Zikaron/יום הזכרון (Israeli Memorial Day), and Yom Ha’Atzmaut/יום העצמאות (Israeli Independence Day), as they do in Israel, with recognition and celebration.

In addition, we provide our students with unique opportunities to experience Israel firsthand and up close. Each spring, our 8th graders participate in a transformative exploration of the land of Israel, rounding out their middle school education and curriculum. In 11th grade, our students have the chance to study at the Alexander Muss High School, wholly able to live, learn, and get to know the land of Israel from a historic and contemporary perspective.

Judaism isn't just the religion or even the way of life of the majority population of this country. Judaism is deeply rooted into the land, woven into the fabric of daily life. It asserts itself in overt and subtle ways... Everything here has a spirit about it, an aura of connection that enhances our lessons and values. Israel brings Judaism alive in the land, its inhabitants, and its visitors.Barrack Alumna

Photos: Fall 2022 11th graders studying at Alexander Muss High School in Israel.