EITC Tax Credit

Your PA Tax Dollars Can Send a Deserving Child to Barrack

The Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program allows PA businesses (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnership) and individuals to redirect their Pennsylvania taxes to provide need-based scholarships to eligible Barrack students.

Over 15% of Barrack students receive support through these programs.  Please partner with us!

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PA Tax Credit

You will receive a 90% PA tax credit with a two-year commitment. You may also qualify for a charitable deduction on your federal taxes.



It is easy to do and takes no time at all. We can help. You can apply online and do this special mitzvah for a child.

Do I qualify? When do I apply?


Business Applicants

Businesses of all sizes that pay PA state tax may qualify, including LLC, S-Corp. C-Corp, and Partnerships. Applications must be submitted by July 1, 2020 in order to increase the likelihood of selection. Applications are randomly selected until all available PA tax credits are assigned.

For assistance in new business applications feel free to contact Ellen Horowitz Matz, Director of Educational Improvement Tax Credit Programs at 215.832.0525 or at ematz@jewishphilly.org.

Step 1: Click here for the application preparation form.

Step 2: Click here for the online application.

Step 3: Click here for step-by-step application instructions.

Individual Applicants

Individuals who pay PA state tax may qualify to participate through a Special Purpose Entity, an LLC through which an individual's PA tax dollars become tax credits for scholarship support.

Individual commitments can be made now. For more information, call Rachel Baum, Senior Institutional Advancement Officer at 610.922.2335 or rbaum@jbha.org.

Many Barrack families receive EITC scholarship funds. Please apply and help send deserving children to Barrack. Always consult with your accountant, financial advisor or CFO.



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