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 Florence Melton School of Adult Learning at Barrack


The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning provides a comprehensive program of adult Jewish text study developed by professors at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Small, pluralistic groups of learners and a dynamic faculty together explore a range of texts that elucidate central questions of Jewish history and life today. The cornerstone of the program is the “Core” curriculum, which consists of four courses taught over two years. Graduates of the Core program receive a certificate from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and are eligible to participate in all "Scholars" classes, which examine selected biblical texts and contemporary issues in greater depth.

What learners say about studying in Melton@Barrack:

  • “The teachers are fabulous and so are my fellow students.”
  • “It has opened my eyes, my intellect and my heart to so many things I’d never learned.”
  • “Melton is the best college I ever attended without taking an exam.”
  • “Melton is my shul.”
  • “Now I realize that I could spend a lifetime learning about our incredible heritage.”

The following Melton@Barrack classes now meet weekly:

Core Program First year (30 weeks, two hours per week; Tuesdays, 9:30-11:45am OR 7-9pm):

  • Rhythms of Jewish Living - the ideas, beliefs and practices that shape Jewish life and the Jewish calendar.
    Instructors: Rabbi Marsha J. Friedman, PhD (am); Rabbi Alan Iser (pm)
  • Purposes of Jewish Living - the development of the central values and practices of Judaism over time.
    Instructor: Dr. Emilie S. Passow (am & pm)

Core Program Second year (30 weeks, two hours per week; Tuesdays 12-2:15pm):

  • Ethics of Jewish Living - the bases of Jewish decision-making about issues such as justice, the sanctity of life and death, sexuality and community. Instructor: Rabbi Margot Stein
  • Dramas of Jewish Living - critical moments shaping Jewish history from the biblical period through the present. Instructor: Rabbi Alan Iser

To learn more about the exciting learning at Melton@Barrack, go to our Facebook page or contact Andrea Rock today!

Andrea Rock
Director, Melton@Barrack