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4/13/16 • 3:45pm

Barrack vs. Friends Central

Away game


Stella Berger competed in her first long jump event and scored a 7 feet 11 inches, and her first 400m with a time of 1:37.3
Shira Gellert bested her previous shot put mark with 19 feet 5.5 inches
Pearl Victor improved on her 100m with a time of 15.1 seconds and 100m hurdle with a time of 20.2 seconds, and performed well in the 200m with a time of 33.9 seconds
Jessie Singer bested her mile time by 21 seconds with a time of 6:45
All 4 girls competed in their first 4x100 relay and scored 1:12.7 

Isaac Becker took third place in the long jump with a distance of 12 feet 2.5 inches
Jonathan Sommer bested his previous shot put mark with a distance if 15 feet 2.5 inches 
Jory Hirshman bettered his 100m time with a 12.9 seconds score, and competed in the 100m hurdles for the first time and scored 21.3 seconds
Isaac Mittman also bettered his 100m time with a score of 17.5 seconds, Isaac also competed in his first 400m and 200m race of the season and scored 1:35.8 and 40.7 seconds respectively
Eli Beaubien competed in his first 100m of the season and scored 13.4 seconds, he also competed in the 100m hurdles and scored 20.2 seconds
Noah Sommer competed hard in the 100m and scored 18.4 seconds
Noah Beitler bettered his mile time by 12 seconds with a time of 7:01 
Jory, Isaac B., Noah B. and Eli competed in their first 4x100m relay and scored 1:04.1 

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