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4/10/14 • 3:30pm

Barrack vs. PJL Meet

Away game at Solebury School Get Directions

 Written by Michael Miller

Today the Track Team ventured all the way to New Hope, PA for our first race of the season at Solebury school.  Jackie Baker was our first runner for the 2014 season, racing off in the 100 Meters High Hurtles.  100 Meters marked the first races for the boys.  Michael Miller came in First Place in his heat due to a DQ (disqualification) because the adjacent runner cut him (me) off.  Zach Lipstein, Michael Miller, and Ari Cooper all finished the 100M in 12 seconds.  Ethan Stein, Avi Grossman, Jake Fuiman, and Ezra Ladenheim all did great running the 100M.  Following the boys 100M was the girls 100M.  Running the 100M for the girls were: Zoe Klein, Zoe Patent, Sophia Sarah, and Georgia Gobora.  Zoe Patent won her heat in a time of 14.53.  The next short distance run was the 4x100M teams.  The boys 4x100M relay consisted of Zach Lipstein, Ari Cooper, Ethan Stein, and Avi Grossman.  Becci Spivak, Julia Nahmani, Debbi Spivak, and Zoe Patent all ran in the girls 4x100M relay race.  The final short distance race for today was the 400M boys.  Zach Lipstein, Ari Cooper Ethan Stein, Ezra Ladenheim, and Jake Fuiman all ran the 400M race.


All of the long distance runners ran in great times.  Let's start off with the 1600M boys.  Shai Naftali-Greer ran the 1600M in5:12, winning the entire race.  He was shortly followed by Or Ayash, Ethan Savitch, and Mike Leshem.  Ofek Peres, Elliot Bernstein, Jake Gordon, and Oren Gabbay also ran the 1600M in great times.  Shout out to Hatti Specter for being the only girl to run the 1600M today in a great time of 7:56.  Our final race of the day (due to timing), was the 800M boys team.  Shai Nafatali-Greer won the 800M race as well in a time of 2:21.  Ethan Savitch, Michael Miller, and Charles Silverstein shortly followed Shai within a 30 second parameter.  


Great job today everybody!! Keep up the great work!! This is just the start to the season, many more fun and exciting races to come!! What time is it?? It's Millertime!! Mike Miller signing out! 

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