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4/11/13 • 3:30pm

Barrack vs. PJL Meet


Away game at Bristol HS - PJL Track Get Directions

Hey Barrack! Thursday was our first meet of the season at Bristol High School.  We ran hard and strong the entire time.  Our 4x800m team of Toviah, Ethan, Charles and Or ran in 10:32.  The 100m times we Avi with 12 seconds flat finishing in 3rd place, followed by Mike M at 12:71, Jake at 12:97, and Marnie at 16:17.  Our next race was the 1600m, which consisted of Shai at 5:13, Toviah 5:39, Elliot 6:46, and Ofek at 7:02.  Next was the 400m, where Mike L ran at 63.5 and Sam at 81.7! Next was our 4x100m team with Mike L starting us off with apx. 15.4s who passed the baton to Mike M who ran at apx 11.5s.  Mike M then passed it to Jake who ran with 13 seconds flat, which ended with our anchor of Avi at 11.83 seconds.  Jackie ran her first 100m hurtles today and did a great job finishing in 27.7 seconds!  Our 800m team was Shai (2:17), Or (2:28), and Ethan (2:37).  Finally, for our 200m sprint was Avi at 25.6, Mike M 26.8, Jake 27.8, Marnie 34.0, and Jackie at 37.0.  The team wants to give a big shout out for Shai for finishing in first place on both of his races of the 1600m and the 800m!!  Another shout out to Jackie who despite a small fall got back up and finished the race with full spirit!  Great job team and good start to the season!

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