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12/12/17 • 3:45pm

Barrack vs. Valley Forge Military Academy (Boys Only)

WIN 49-43

Away game at Valley Forge Military Academy Get Directions

 Mati Zeff reporting:

On Tuesday the Marine Cougars triumphed narrowly over Valley Forge Military Academy, claiming victory by a margin of 49-43, sending a message to the schools in the area that we are not a school of fish to be trifled with. After a rough start, the Marine Cougars surged back like a tidal wave of Jewish spirit in the 200 Free Style, with Mati Zeff and Daniel Bernstein finishing first and second respectively, and Mitchell Rosenthal glided smoothly through the 200 Individual Medley to claim another race for the team. Ben Reydler, a newcomer to the aquatic world, put up a strong 50 Free Style showing, coming in second place. Then, after the break, with Barrack down again by 3 points, Daniel Bernstein, also a rookie, churned through the water to a first place finish in the 100 Free Style, and the hype on the bench reached unprecedented levels. In the 500 Free Style that followed, Mati Zeff and Ethan Cramer went the distance and came in first and third respectively to claw Barrack's way back into the lead by a single point. And in the 100 Backstroke, the spirit of Ari Cooper inhabited senior Eli Gordon and moved his arms like a hurricane of excellence, as he claimed first place. With the meet on the line, Barrack's nationally acclaimed, all-state, all-star, olympic contender 400 Free Style Relay team sprang into action, leaving the competition wondering if they were wearing flippers. Daniel Bernstein, Mitchell Rosenthal, Ben Wilson, and Mati Zeff won comfortably, swimming to a first place finish and to victory! Special shout outs to Luke Finklestein for killing it in the 100 Backstroke, Spencer Barsh for an inspiringly strong 100 Breast Stroke, Ben Wilson for his gorgeously swum 100 Free Style, and Mitchell Rosenthal for his talented presence. Great job guys! Let's go topple Friends Select on Monday!

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