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1/17/17 • 4:00pm

Barrack vs. Friends Select

WIN Recap

Away game at Friends Select School - Basketball, Swimming, Tennis Get Directions

 The Jack M Barrack Hebrew Academy Marine Cougars were in top form and as buoyant as we've been all season, beating Friends Select in both men's and women's events. The girls had their first victory of the year, fighting it out in every race, and earning a solid victory against a good team. Shout-out to the entire girls squad for giving it their all and winning even while down some swimmers. The boys team had an incredible meet, dominating the competition. Shout-out to Eli Kofman for winning every race he swam in, to Ari Cooper for barely managing to come in a disappointing first in his races, and to Spencer Barsh, who took gold in the 100 free style. Barrack's all star, state champion, nationally recognized, olympic contender 400 free style relay team was an inspiration to children with dreams across the world as they flew through the water, dazzling spectators, to a triumphant second place. The girls team score was 77-57 Barrack! The guys score was a destructive 110-51! Let's go beat Perk again this Thursday!

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