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2/08/16 • 4:00pm

Barrack vs. Abington Friends

Home game at Maguire Pool/ SJU/ Hagan Arena Get Directions

 The Barrack Hebrew Academy Swimming Cougars came out to Hagan Arena at St. Joseph's University and simply outclassed the swimming kangaroos of Abington Friends School. The much anticipated meet began with exciting 200 medley relay. The regional champion group of Stein, Mermelstein, Barsh and Cooper defeated Abington Friends' top relay group. On the women's side, our top relay unit narrowly lost to a tough squad from Abington Friends. As the meet progressed into the 200 free, Maddie Denker and Ari Miller were the top two finishers demonstrating great skill. On the men's side, Abington Friends placed their best swimmers in this event and they finished first and second, just beating the duo of J. Prince and M. Manstein. In the 200 IM, Charlotte K. swam a beautiful race coming in second to a very technical swimmer from Abington Friends. On the Men's side, M. Zeff and A. Mermelstein exerted all of their energy in a close race, coming in second and third. As the close meet moved on to the intense 50 free, the girls gave it all they got and just lost to some great swimmers from Abington Friends. The group of A. Cooper, S. Barsh and D. Mandel then stepped up onto the blocks seeking to avenge the women's loss. As the whistle sounded, Cooper darted into the pool and smoked the competition. Barsh also produced a great swimming coming in bronze position and Mandel gave it all he could and swam a great race. After the senior day ceremony for the legendary Jacob Stein, it was time for J. Stein's signature event, the 100 meter butterfly. R. Wilson swam it very well but came up just short against tough competition. In the men's competition, Stein provided his usual magic capturing first and A. Mermelstein added to the domination by snagging second place. Next, the time had arrived for the 100 free. D. Solomon swam a very good race leading the Barrack girls. The trio of B. Wilson, M. Manstein and I. Becker stepped up in hopes of sweeping the podium. As the race began, Manstein thought that he was on his way to an easy victory but AFS decided to play a trick. They placed their best swimmer in the farthest lane, so Manstein could not see him. As Manstein trotted towards the finish, he was shocked to see an AFS swimmer a few lanes away. Nevertheless, the swimming Cougars were still able to secure a nice chunk of points. The following event was the 400 free, the longest event of the day. It was time for A. Miller to lead the girls and M. Zeff and E. Stein to command the men. All three of the swimmers gave all they had in them for glory. Zeff and Ethan both swam very fresh races and finished in first and second. Miller had a great swim of her own. Following that event was the 200 free relay. The girls swam tremendously and had great results. Cooper, Mermelstein, Zeff and Jacob Stein were determined to come in first, and their wish came true. Additionally, the quartet of B. Wilson, Fresh Ethan, Jacob Prince and Mattan Manstein secured third for the men. While, the middle school relay, anchored by Eitan Barzeski swam very well and gave their best effort. The next event was the 100 back with Charlotte swimming incredibly for the girls and Ari Cooper putting on a clinic in the men's race, with E. Stein adding a fine swim of his own. The last individual event of the day was the 100 breaststroke with Lauren Mermelstein displaying some of her finest swimming of our entire season. On the men's side, Prince and Barsh both swam extremely well but came up just short against stiff competition from AFS. Finally, the race that every fan that made the trek to St. Joe's was waiting for, the 4 x 100 meter free relay, highlighted the Olympic gold medal winning team of Barsh, Zeff, Gordon and Manstein. Much to the dismay of the champions, AFS did not place any relay unit in the event. Irregardless, the state-champs still came in dirt and had a good practice for next year's olympics in Rio. In the end, the boys won by a healthy margin and the girls barely lost but gave it their all. Thank you to all of our fans who have graced us with their presence in every meet, we could not have done it without you. Most importantly, thank you to the entire team for great effort and comraderie throughout the entire season. To the men, great season this year. To the women, good luck this Thursday against Merion Mercy Academy

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