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4/20/16 • 3:45pm

Barrack vs. Perkiomen

Away game at Perkiomen School Get Directions

 On the delightful Wednesday leading up to pesach break, the Cougars took the long trek out to our favorite school, Perkiomen. We started the game out strong, keeping our rival Cougars to only two runs. Even though we struck out a few times, we made their pitcher throw until a full count for almost every at bat. Tali Glickman had the very important RBI, allowing us to score our one and only run. Sarah Drapkin had five ridonkulous catches at short and cheered on her teammates the entire time they were up to bat. Dayna Felger had some great hits and did a great job staring down the catcher while she was on base. We are continuing to improve throughout the season and that was evident in our game, keeping our loss to only ten runs rather than twenty. The game ball went to Tali Glickman in order to commemorate her very last time at her beloved Perkiomen and her amazing pitching. Luckily for the team, our fearless leader coach Kim Gillio provided the entire team with baskin Robbins ice cream. Even though they ran out of the green mint chocolate chip, we had a great time, proving that even losers can win in the end. The final score was 11-1, Perkiomen.

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