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5/13/14 • 3:30pm

Barrack vs. TCISL Semi-Final (Perk)

LOSE 0-15

Away game at Perkiomen School Get Directions

 Recap written by the whole team: 

The Cougars had an excellent game today, but unfortunately there were a few plays that couldn't be helped. Talia Raikin and Sophia Shoulson failed to remove the bat from the strike zone fast enough to prevent it from hitting the ball, and they were forced to take first base as tragic singles. Rachel Kolman suffered a painful hit in the glove with the ball in the outfield, which was made worse by the fact that the ball stayed in the glove. Nita Rome and Sarah levin suffered from similar tragedies in foul territory, depriving the Cougars of the chance to remain in the field. Tali Glickman did not pitch nearly enough balls on the mound; some of her pitching was so bad that she actually struck out some of the Perkiomen girls. Out of everyone on the team, Talia Raikin had the worse game, nearly no balls past her behind the plate. Finally, she ran into a fence in a desperate grab for attention. It took Perkiomen 3 full inning to win, but luckily none of us had to run all the way home. Final score 15-0 Perkiomen.

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