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5/08/14 • 3:45pm

Barrack vs. Woodlynde

WIN 20-5

Away game at Woodlynde Softball Get Directions

 Reported by Sophia Shoulson

The Cougars got their confidence back with a solid 20-5 win against Woodlynde. The Cougars were smart at the plate, taking advantage of walks and also getting some solid hits. Alli Einhorn, Ali Gorson-Marrow, Tali Glickman, Nita Rome, Sarah Levin, and Rachel Kolman all hit singles, and Talia Raikin and Sophia Shoulson both hit a couple singles and a double. The Cougars also had a great game in the field, with strong pitching from both Tali Glickman, who pitched three games in a row this week, and Alli Einhorn. There was also a lot of nice heads-up playing from the outfielders, which earned left-fielder Gefen Galfand the game ball. Playoff spots depend on what amounts to a coin-toss, so we have done all we can to prove that we deserve a spot!
In case this is the last softball recap I ever write, however, I want to spare a few minutes and sentences to publicly and sincerely thank everyone involved in the softball program for the wonderful experiences I have been blessed over the course of the three years that I played at Barrack. I am the only senior on the softball team. Not only that, but there are no juniors on the team at all. Such circumstances could have been the recipe for a rather lonely season--but somehow, that was never the case. You youngsters always included me (Don't give me that amused look, Coach Kim, they're youngsters if they haven't taken the SAT/ACT) and you showed an enormous amount of maturity by playing and thriving on a high school varsity team, particularly you middle schoolers who stuck it out. Also, a special shoutout to my incredible co-captain Annie, who somehow balances softball, ballet, and an extraordinary talent for the culinary arts and still manages to send out reminder emails before every game. Softball has always had a special place in my heart, and it has been a true privilege to share the sport with you all.
God-willing, this fairly conclusive recap is coming at least one game too early, but should the unthinkable come to pass, at least we went out with a bang!

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