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10/22/18 • 3:30pm

Barrack vs. TCISL Championship (Perk)

WIN 1-0

Away game at Perkiomen School Get Directions

 Said since day one, today was our fate 

It was time to open up the final gate 

To the championship we road, together as one 

Our team cannot be regulated, like the modern gun 

The day was brisk with blue skies above 

The clouds were pretty and white like a metaphorical dove 

Right off the bat we knew this game wouldn’t be a breeze 

Back and forth with the other team, the ball was honey and we were just bees 

We kept the ball on their side most of the first half 

Defense shut it down to be praised like the golden calf 

But we do not worship idols and the whole team was all attack 

Our strikers and mids played extra hard without any slack 

With few left in the first Dayna took a strike from far outside 

Everyone stared as we saw the ball glide 

Over the goalie’s fingers and right into the back of the net 

Dayna was our savior to her we all owe debt 

The pressure was on going into the second period 

0-1 we were on top of the pyramid 

The other team was frustrated and kept the playing level high

But of course the cougars did not act shy 

Playing physically and getting to every ball 

We knew this was our destiny and that we would not fall 

Our three young eighth graders really stepped up 

Not letting one goal in, Jenna, Jenna and Talia are not small pups

With the crowd screaming on the right and the clock ticking down

It was time for us to finish this and receive our well deserved crown   

Golden colored plastic with glory and honor placed in our arms 

One organism with OMETZ LEV and a hell of a lot of charm

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