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9/13/18 • 4:00pm

Barrack vs. Doane Academy

WIN 4-1

Away game at Doane Academy Get Directions


The air was foggy and we were ready to get started 
JBHA varsity girls soccer going into the season wholehearted 
Once the game begun we took automatic control
Eating up the competition like it was an egg role 
Offensive possession was ours and we did not let it slip
At 13:48 Shira Perloff scored the first goal off a chip 
It did not stop there as we kept chugging along 
Our team plays fast and oh so strong 
Outside the 18 then Izzy Jacobson took a rip 
Boom second goal you could just not skip
Halftime came and we knew we had to maintain the same speed 
It is in our blood - to win is our need 
Rookie Ava Bloom heard this loud and clear
At 8:30 third goal provided by her - in her freshman year 
Our lungs tired but spirits high 
The grass was more straining than our beautiful turf which is typically dry 
But goalie Jenna Rose did not let this slow her down 
With 7+ saves she lead us to winning-town 
As if all of that wasn’t enough Lexie Schacter secured our fourth goal 
Just like coach wanted - it enlightened his soul 
Final score 4-1 barrack cougars came out with a win 
A great way to start the season with a bright grin 
Stay tuned for a 2018 championship to come 
This team is more fresh than your mint gum 

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