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4/18/16 • 3:30pm

Barrack vs. Del Val Friends

WIN 3-1

Home game

 The Cougars departed for the sun-drenched 15 minutes earlier than usual at the early time of 14:50. The team members went through their usual pre-game rituals but a surprised look became of their faces as they realized that the Delaware Valley Friends School was running 30 minutes late. Refusing to be phased by their competitors the team was able to get in more practice than usual and heard a beautiful monologue from Coach Devlin, the great orator. As the opposition finally arrived, they appeared to be hulking and overpowering, allowing us to become a little fearful. However, as the first sound wave was released from the official's whistle, we knew we could seize this game, much like the prophet Joshua seized the land of Israel. The mythological first midfield line of Gabe Bryant, Mattan Manstein and Ari Cooper easily transported the first goal of the game from the circle to the opposing goal like Hermes transporting between the underworld and Mount Vesuvius by way of Hayden Ufberg's beautiful touch. After that goal, the game became a battle of attrition, nobody was sure which team would run out of resources first. Numero cinco on Del Val proved to be a formidable foe, carrying his team in his back. They were able to capture some fast breaks but our stout defense caught every pass going through the middle like fly fishermen. As the first quarter ended, we were left with a meager one goal lead. After a short message, the team was back in the depths of the game swimming for survival. The second quarter became a stale mate, the teams possession but were not able to capture the king. Goalie Noam Glanzberg-Krainin fought off waves of shots, surfing them off into safety. Freshman midfielder Joshua Goldstein provided pivotal skill today leading the second midfield unit like Ulysses S. Grant leading the Union army during the Civil War. The heat of the game and the sun forced the middies to be subbed off constantly, in order to keep fresh legs out on the pitch. We progressed through the second quarter with neither side putting one in the back of the cage, maintaining our one goal advantage into halftime. We contorted our ears to the direction of the coaches as we heard the improvements that we could create. After a short pump-up oratory, the starting squad approaches the turf with one change, Goldstein on instead of Bryant, and those three took command of the field in the second half like Columbus leading the Santa Maria. The half began thunderously with the herd of Barrack midfielders galloping their way down the field eventually finding Joshua Goldstein for the sneaky goal. Returning to the face off circle, it was as if Ari Cooper bought the face offs because he owned the other team. The loose ball fell behind Cooper and Manstein went down like a submarine and popped back up to the surface, seizing the white sphere off of the hot turf and he started to dart down field finding Cooper open on the wing. Cooper shot down the field and spotted the hidden Jacob A. Ferman, who rifled home the shot with his Gatling gun of a stick. There was a bit of a celebration to be had by the team. After that, some of the starters were placed off the field and replaced by teammates who played marvelously. Especially, junior midfielder Adam Mermelstein who stepped on the pitch  in the tensest moments and immediately caused havoc for the other team, like a cruise ship cutting through the tides of the sea. As the game advanced towards the end of the third quarter, the laxing Cougars were benefitted with a 3 goal lead. However, the game was not over yet. We began to rest on our laurels and made a multitude of careless errors, allowing them a few man-up opportunities. Thankfully, Elliot Warshowsky and Gabe Bryant warded off the opposition attempts like chain mail deflecting long-bow arrows. As we gained possession towards the end of the game, we controlled the cadence of the game, similar to Lance Armstrong dictating the pace of the Tour de France. Towards the conclusion of the match, we sadly allowed a wonderstrike goal from number 5 on the opposition, ending Noam's shutout streak. As the final horn was sounded to end the game, we rushed to Noam's goal and patted him on his back for a truly commendable performance. The great lacrosse goalies of yesteryear would smiled in viewing Noam's performance. We would like to give our sincerest thanks to our numerous fans who sacrificed gas for the sake of viewing our game. Additionally, thank you to the opposition for providing us with a tough game that we can learn from. Finally, thank you to our coaches, who guided us through this game like Hashem leading the Israelites with a pillar of smoke. Goals were attributed to H. Ufberg (1), J. Goldstein (1), and J. Ferman (1). Final score: Barrack 3- Del Val 1

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