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4/07/16 • 3:45pm

Barrack vs. Phelps

WIN 6-2

Home game

 Mattan Manstein Reporting

The Cougars came out today hungry for their first win of the season against an overwhelmed Phelps team. After beautiful motivational speeches, the squadron approached the field of play and lined up in our usual manner. After securing the initial face-off, we were able to set up on offense and allow Gabe Bryant a magisterial strike, giving us the lead. The first line of midfielders consisting of Ari Cooper, Mattan Manstein, and Gabriel Bryant were able to achieve another goal before being subbed off mid-way through the first period. Our second midfield line arrived on the pitch and maintained possession for us, keeping the lead at two at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter started with the Cougars pouncing for all contested ground balls. The first midfield line continued their dominance with an additional pair of goals while on the beautiful turf during the second period.After a few half time adjustments and sentimental sermons from our captains, we began the second with intention of maintaining and growing our lead. The 3rd through 5th midfield lines played incredibly, giving all they had for the team. We traded goals with the team from Phelps in the third period, giving us a 5-1 advantage going into the final frame. In the fourth quarter, all of our hard work and dedication was left on the field. Many players were left banged up and dirty but they knew that they helped the team. Despite a few careless errors, we were able to limit them to only one goal in the fourth quarter. With time winding down in the final period, Alex Tompakov received a crispy pass from Gabriel Bryant and struck it home, beating the Phelps goalie by a country mile. Barrack goals were attributed to Joshua Goldstein, Gabe Bryant, Ari Cooper and Alexander Tompakov. Cooper added a few assists in addition to his goal tally. Tremendous game by every member of the unit. Thank you to all of the supporters that paid respects to our ever-improving program. Most importantly, thank you to our top-class coaches who are the reason for our success. Final Score- Barrack 6- Phelps 2

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