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4/11/16 • 3:45pm

Barrack vs. Woodlynde

WIN 11-2

Home game

 The Barrack lacrosse brothers arrived on the pitch on Monday hungry to once again taste the fruits of victory against an overmatched Woodlynde team. The usual unit seized the game from the opening whistle. The face off wizard, Ari Cooper, yanked the first face off of the game from the clutches of the Woodlynde player. He proceeded to prance his way down the pitch towards the opposing goal and nestle one past their goal keeper. The multi-faceted cougar machine maintained domination with another early goal from the nimble Jake Ferman. As the esteemed coaches allowed the first midfield unit to rest, the second midfield unit of Hirsch, Goldstein and Bernstein took over the game. They commanded the game like Matadors commanding bulls. Ari Hirsch stepped up and landed one in the back of the net while being hit by the Woodlynde defenseman. We continued to sprinkle on goals like salt, we finished the first quarter with a pretty impressive 5 goal lead. As we huddled together between quarters our coaches gave us needed advice on our offensive sets. Throughout the second quarter we developed a far more advanced style of offense and varied our shots and goal locations. We conquered an early goal in the quarter but it was to be cancelled out by a late goal by Woodlynde flashing it past our commendable defense. As the quarter ended, eighth grader Hayden Ufberg was able to notch one back for us with a stealthily shot ball that found its way to the back of the net. As halftime approached, we moved to our usual perch in the corner of the field and lent our ears to needed improvements discussed by the coaches. As we barreled over to the field from our relaxed positions, we reclaimed our game-time mentality. Ben Wilson struck fear into the opposition by revealing his menacing game face. The second half began with a barrage of goals, highlighted by a strike from Mattan Manstein that crept under the goalie's outstretched stick. We began to mix and match our midfield units and spent some game time with team mates who we would otherwise not play with. Ben Bernstein displayed tremendous versatility flowing from attack to midfield fluidly. Towards the end of the match, we really put our focus on perfecting our offensive sets and giving each other passing options. No team member displayed this as well as Gabriel Bryant who continued his dominant season with two goals added to his tally today. Our team would like to thank our supportive families who traveled from far and wide to watch our game. Additionally, thanks to all of the fellow student athletes who witnessed the conclusion of our game. As always, we acknowledge our deepest gratitude to our coaches who formulated a great game plan.
We look forward to continuing our dominance against Perk on Thursday. Goals were attributed to J. Ferman (3), G. Bryant (2), A. Cooper (2), A. Hirsch (1), H. Ufberg (1), J. Goldstein (1), M. Manstein (1). Final score: Barrack 11- Woodlynde 2

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