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5/04/16 • 4:00pm

Barrack vs. Perkiomen

WIN 6-0

Home game

 Mattan Manstein Reporting

Once upon an afternoon in a town far, far away named Bryn Mawr, there was a battle like no other. It was not merely a match of two teams, it was a match of two worlds. The cougars fighting for all good in the world were led in warm-ups by the Ari Cooper, better known as Luke Skywalker. As we took the field, the face off reminded onlookers of the mighty battle at the end of the first trilogy between Luke and Vader. As in all great stories, the good side came out on top starting with Cooper scooping the ground ball and bursting into hyperdrive down the field like the Millennium Falcon at lightspeed. Sadly, he was to be denied by the Perktroopers who resembled Count Dooku warding off Anakin’s attacks with his skilled saberwork . After regaining control of the ball on an errant throw from the goalie, אברהם יעקב Ferman received a top-class pass from Ethan P. stein. He proceeded to wield his lax-saber like the great Mace Windu wielding his purple blade of light to slice the ball through the air and beat Perk's goalie. Continuing on, Ari B. Cooper snatched another face off and dumped it off to Mattan B. Manstein who zoomed through the defense like a Jedi Starfighter zipping through the skies. He then passed the rock off to Jacobo Alessando Fermano who whirled and twirled through the defensive blades like Master Yoda dodging the menacing Darth Sidious, placing the ball in the net with the precision of Han Solo’s Blaster-gun. A great goal he did score. The second midfield line of Hirsch, Bernstein and Goldstein encountered the field and produced stifling defense maintaining the shutout, ending the period with a two goal lead. As the second frame of the game commenced, the starting unit once again took the field, with LSM Gabe Bryant wielding his Darth Maul- like saber to secure the sphere from the ground. He warded off many defensive swords like Obi wan in his battle vs the multi-sabered General Grievous and was illegally slashed right as he sent a shot in the back of the goal's netting, outclassing the goalie just as Obi wan did to Grievous in that battle. As the cougars went on the man-up, the cougars secured possession and Midfielder Mattan Manstein took his place as the keystone of the cougar arch and was hungry for the goal. After a beautiful feed, Manstein took his chance on net with the velocity of a speeder bike but was to be denied by the opposing goalie. Upon regaining the ball on a goalie error, Manstein received another pass, this time from A. Cooper, and hurled one far past the goalie with the power of the Palpatine’s force-lightning. Upon conclusion of that goal, the laxing cougars settled in to a much more sophisticated and genius approach to the game, similar to the wise Yoda's approach to life. The mauling cougar defense with the ferocity of Chewbacca then began to enforce their will on the Perk offense. Sophomore defender Eitan Barzeski even snatched a few ground balls himself and wheeled down the turf with the velocity of a rolling Droideka, but he was to be rejected by the goalie. Eventually, we made it to the end of the first half holding a lead of three goals and we trekked our way to our midfield rest area eager to learn how we could improve. Muchlike Han Solo in the Force Awakens, our coaches bestowed upon us a great amount of knowledge and wisdom on how to finish the game strongly. In the beginning of the second half, we began to slice and dice our way through various midfield lines. Adam Mermelstein took the field and showed great courage taking on the Kylo Ren of their team for a ground ball. In the third period, Cooper began to catch fire, like the Deathstar during its destruction. However, he was not being destroyed, he was getting better with each moment. A crisp pass came from Jacob A. F., setting up Cooper as he hopped high above defense for a great goal on the opposing defense, displaying the bouncing ability of Jar Jar Binks in Lego star wars on the wii. We continued to hold possession while swapping middies, but were careless in our mistakes. This allowed for a number of fast break appointments by the opposition. Thankfully, junior defender Lev Cohen displayed great skill and warded off a 3 on 1 allowing enough time for the rest of the defense to come back to his aid. Thankfully, the enemy team displayed the accuracy of stormtroopers, consistently being off the mark of the goal, much to goalie Noam G. Glanzberg-Krainin's delight. The strong defense continued to hold them off for the rest of the third period. As the final period began, the attack line was re-organized but meshed together with few flaws. Early in the period, Josh Goldstein battled like Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi at the battle of Geonosis, dodging by the entire Perk defensive unit to pass one into the net. The cougars were determined and knew nothing would stop them, they began to establish possession and worked the ball to all corners of the offensive half. Sophomore captain Benjamin Wilson made a daring escape from a double-team to send the ball to safety in the a vital play with a few minutes left in the game. However, Perk was relentless, they continued to attack and flash shots at our graceful goalie. Noam made his nicest play of the game with two minutes left, when he stopped a speedy shot with his foot sending away from the goal. Following that shot, the cougars brought the ball up to a secure spot and held onto it until the end. Per usual, we would like to thank our parents and friends who grace us with their presence at many games. Additionally, thank you to our coaches who always set us up in the best possible position to win games. Goals were attributed to J. Ferman (2), A. Cooper (1), G. Bryant (1), J. Goldstein (1), M. Manstein (1). Final score: Barrack 6- Perkiomen 0. On that note, May the fourth be with you

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