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4/14/16 • 4:00pm

Barrack vs. Perkiomen

WIN 9-0

Away game at Perkiomen School Get Directions

 The Cougars caravanned to the distant lands of Pennsburg, PA to the home of the Perkiomen "Cougars". As usual, Ethan Stein was the last one to hop on the bus but with consistency comes success. Upon arriving at the field, the lads verified that their were only 3 subs for Perk. The great prophet Mattan Manstein delivered an inspired sermon to pump us before the game. We lined up like normal and Noam accidentally went to the wrong goal but that was his only glitch of the game. The game started thunderously with the offensive machine raging out like a velociraptor. Sophomore LSM Gabriel Bryant scored the game's first goal delivering a Charizard-like fireball above the Perk goalie's head. The Harry Houdini of face offs, Ari Cooper, delivered the second goal of the game escaping the shackles of the Perk defense. The first midfield line was then exchanged for the second line of Hirsch, Goldstein and Bernstein. Throughout the game that rag-tag group of kids exerted all of their built up calories from their protein-filled meals throughout the week. The goals continued to be pounded like a traditional kosher butcher on a nice slab of London Broil. Progressing, Ethan Stein delivered his first golazo of the season, making shifty moves past the Perk defense and summoning Zeus' lightening bolt to flash one past the goalie. Then, right before halftime the multi-faceted cougar hydra was able to strike one home to put the lead to 7. After a hair-raising sermon, the Cougars tended to their oranges provided by our Allentown-based supporters. In the third period, we began to transform our midfield lines like Optimus Prime. These changes enabled members of the club to mesh with other personalities of the team. In the second half, junior attackman Jacob A. Ferman, began to turn up the heat like he was cooking one of his traditional Italian dishes. The defense was caught napping like snorlax and Fermano pumped one was past the goalie like blastoise shooting the water off his hydrocannon. Ufberg finished his masterful hat trick with a little luck but mostly skill, creating space for himself like Picasso creating a painting. On the defensive end, Lev Cohen displayed wisdom beyond his years by intercepting numerous passes from the overwhelmed Perk attack. In the fourth quarter, the Cougars finally settled in to their ideal offense and were able to make a few positional calls. The team added a few well formulated goals that resulted from quick movements and passes. Eitan Barzeski had a marvelous run that almost ended in a wonder strike but it flashed just wide of the net. At the end of the game, the attack was able to be subbed off allowing for midfield players to play attack and get a different perspective. Similar to viewing Niagra falls from the US and then from Canada. Congratulations to Noam G. Glanzberg-Krainin who possessed the Midas touch today and could not be beat by anyone. "His mitt was outstanding today"- Jacobus Primus. Our scoring was dispersed among many different souls who each added their own piece to the team's puzzle. Goals were attributed to Hayden Ufberg (3), Jake Ferman (2), Ethan Paul Stein (1), Josh Goldstein (1), Ari Cooper (1), Gabe Bryant (1). We would to express thanks to all the supporters who traversed to Perk and to our wondrous coaches who have progressed our program by leaps and bounds. Final Score: Barrack 9- Perk 0

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