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4/13/16 • 3:45pm

Barrack vs. Collegium

LOSE 6-12

Home game

 Today the Barrack Girl's Varsity Lacrosse Cougars competed against the Collegium Cougars in a competitive and close game. Collegium was a very nice match for Barrack. They challenged our defense by playing a strong attack and getting low for the ground balls. In return, Barrack challenged their defense by sprinting to every ground ball and making and receiving nice passes. Due to hard work, team work, and persistence - the Barrack Cougars were able stay tied with the Collegium Cougars until half time. After half time, the Barrack Cougars continued to play strong. While, the Collegium Cougars came out of the game with more shots in net, we, the Barrack Cougars, received a moral victory because there was a lot of team unity. We look forward to seeing them again next week and we are determined to win.

Shoutout to Juliet Hirsch (2), Amanda Josephs, Yasi Stein, Tamar Cahana, and Talia Koltun Frumm for amazing goals. Additionally, game ball goes to Sarah Nelson who maintained a positive attitude and helped tremendously to assist her teammates. Final score 6-12.

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