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5/27/14 • 4:00pm

Barrack vs. Shipley (scrimmage)

LOSE Recap

Away game at Shipley Baseball Field Get Directions

 Reported by Mattan Manstein

The Boys Lacrosse Team played their hearts out in their match today against the gators of Shipley. We got off to a slow start, as a result of Shipley's speed. We eventually found our game, getting some smooth offensive possessions. Unfortunately, they had many strong checks that resulted in us losing the ball while we were shooting. We finally figured out there defense and scored on an Ari Cooper shot at the end of the first half. We went into halftime with high hopes, knowing that we could get by their defense. The joyfulness did not continue into the second half, when we were notified that our goalie, Ethan Savitch, was not allowed to play because he did not have sufficient protection. Eventually, Savitch added the addition protection and returned, but the damage had been done, with them netting many goals during his absence. We were never able to come back and we eventually lost in a tough game. Final Score 20-1

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