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5/08/18 • 3:15pm

Barrack vs. Renaissance (Cobbs Creek)

WIN Recap

Home game

We had a rematch against Renaissance at our home course, the final match of the season.  Our first meeting was conducted in 40 F degree weather with high winds, and we all struggled to feel our hands especially Saul who only wore a polo shirt.  This time around, it was a beautiful blue sky day, which allowed us to show our true talent.  Our ball striking had improved greatly.  Jacob Erlbaum's rhythmic swing enabled him to hit his irons accurately and with proper distance control.  This allowed him to get close to the green with just a chip and a putt away.  Saul Kosloff exemplified a consistent round.  He shot a 1-over-par, 37, thus shooting the best round of the year.  Saul was able to add a birdie on the fourth after hitting his approach shot within 10 feet of the pin.  With these two great performances we were able to secure our second victory of the season.  It felt especially good to beat an opponent we knew we could better earlier in the season.  

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