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9/17/13 • 3:45pm

Barrack vs. TCISL meet

Away game at Phelps School Get Directions

 Phelps School- Malvern, PA

Written by Michael Miller


Today was a great day for a race at the Phelps School in Malvern, PA.  After last weeks race, many of us felt that this race was shorter.  Our times proved our theory!  Everyone's time decreased by a lot since last race.  Michael Leshem and Michael Miller both finished at the same time at 21:04.  Following them were Mati Zeff and Benji Frisch at 24:08 and 24:23.  David Zuckerman and Marnie Landau both finished with times that were very close to one another's.  David finished in 25:18 and Marnie had finished with a time of 25:44.  Next up was Sarah Wolfson who ran very hard and finished with a time of 26:35.  Shortly following Sarah was Jason Wornoff, finishing with a time of 27:42.  Gabriel Berlin and Emily Krulik also had finished within the same minute as each other, well actually they finished within the same five seconds! They had finished at 29:50 and 29:55!  Great job team, have an amazing long weekend! 

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