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STUDENT ATHLETES OF THE WEEK: Noah Ufberg - MS Boys Soccer A (7th) Aiden Yanoff- MS Boys Soccer B (6th)

For the week of 10/7

The Middle School "A" team Soccer Athlete of the Week is Noah Ufberg. It is always desirable to have athletes on your team that are fast. When you have someone who can go both slow and fast.... that is when you are particularly dangerous. When watching Noah out on the pitch, he always has an amazing sense of where his teammates are to be found to receive his pinpoint passes. He evades defenders by letting them catch up and then blowing by them just when they feel that they are safe. He wins balls both in the air and on the ground which would be an apt description for Superman. Noah is our Superman. He has scored five goals on the season and has generated an array of scoring opportunities. Opposing coaches complement him for his tremendous foot skills and his potent shots off of set pieces. He does all of this with good cheer and a great sense of humor. Congratulations Noah!

Aiden Yanoff has been a great contributor and teammate all season; especially for the past week.  He is unselfish in playing several positions in the games and scrimmages the team has had. Our last game, Aiden played a great mid field by helping out the defensive players and assisting in moving the ball forward to his offensive team mates.  He has shown leadership throughout our practices and is always giving 100 percent effort in the drills the team is doing. Congrats on being our athlete of the week.