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5/08/14 • 3:30pm

Barrack vs. TCISL Semi - Renaissance

WIN 14-13

Home game at Sutcliffe Park Get Directions

 Reported by Aaron Bernstein

Chronicles III
Chapter 1

1 And it was on the eighth day of the fifth month that the Cougars of
Barrack and the Knights of Renaissance met upon the plains of
Sutcliffe, in the ancient city of Conshohocken. 2 And Team Captain
Jack Kolansky the Fast led his host on the road to the TCISL
championship. 3 The Cougars did that which was evil in the eyes of the
baseball gods, walking many batters and making errors beyond count.
And the baseball gods caused them to give up many runs, nine in
number. 4 Even more, the baseball gods caused the host to lead a great
struggle at the plate, unable to score the needed runs to tie the
game. 5 But the Cougars saw the great obstacles risen against them,
and the general of Barrack's army, Coach Jay the wise turned to his
men and said unto the incredible host. 6 "Chip away, just chip away."
Ever wise was Coach Jay, through all the days of his life. 7 Sam
Falkowitz the Great pitched four innings, and during this time no runs
crossed the plate for the Knights of Renaissance, and many for the
Cougars. 8 Hit upon hit landed for the Cougars, and a great fervor
rose among them. 9 And by the bottom of the 7th of the innings, the
game was tied. Up to bat was Josh Radack the Fantastic, the most
powerful of Barrack's warriors. 10 And he did that which was good in
the eyes of the baseball gods, and upon this at-bat and upon the
strike of the bat to the ball, Radack the Fantastic hit a triple,
advancing to the third of the bases. 11 The Knights of Renaissance,
scared of the wrath of the baseball gods, used evil sorcery, and
intentionally walked Jack Kolansky the Fast and Shawn Martin the
Strong. 12 And it was at this time that Captain Alex the Injured
rallied the batter, Falkowitz the Great, and he went up to the plate.
13 And with great strength and much bravery, Falkowitz the Great hit
the ball high into the air, so that it was far enough for Radack the
Fantastic to tag. 14 The ball was caught by the left fielder, but
Falkowitz's sacrifice had already began to work. 15 And Radack the
Fantastic scored, winning the game, and the host of Barrack rejoiced,
and feasted many days and many nights.

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