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4/03/14 • 3:45pm

Barrack vs. Doane Academy

WIN 8-4

Away game at Doane Academy - Varsity Baseball Get Directions

 Reported by Alex Bierig

The Cougars came out ready to battle against a rival Doane Academy.  This was a big game for the Cougars and their head coach, Coop. This was Coaches first game playing against his former team and he was eager for our team to get the W. From the start of warm ups the cougars were focused and ready to go. The game started off with the cougars taking a 4-0 lead after the first.  The offense was followed by great defense and pitching from Alex Bierig.  The cougars continued in the second inning to put up more runs one huge hit came from co-captain Jack Kolansky who almost hit the ball out of the park. The cougars held off Doane with great relief pitching from Sammy Turk-Tolub and a sweet double play turned by senior third baseman Robbie Rosen, catcher Jack Kolansky, and first baseman Shawn Martin.  The cougars now are on a two game winning streak and hope to continue it next week!

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