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3/27/14 • 3:45pm

Barrack vs. Friends Select

LOSE 6-9

Away game at Girard College Get Directions

 Written by David Gordon

The cougars looked to bounce back today against Friends Select after a disappointing loss earlier in the week to Abington Friends.  Abington Friends struck first blood in the second inning with some strong power hitting.  The Cougars did not let this rattle them however as they immediate bounced back with a two run third inning to cut the lead in half.  The two teams then traded scoreless innings with some good defensive work from both squads.  Friends then took charge in the 4th and took a commanding 8-2 lead.  They then stretched the lead to 7 runs in the 5th inning with some more powerful hitting.  Going into the final inning, things did not look good for Barrack.  They really needed to start showing some muscle and some courage.  They could have easily set down their swords and called it a day, but they didn't and I commend them for that.  The Cougars rallied back to first cut the lead to six, then to five, then to four, then to three.  Key hits came from sophomore Aaron Bernstein and Senior Shaun Martin.  Barrack refused to quit.  But it was the case of too little too late and the Cougars failed to complete the comeback falling to Friends Select 9-6.  
The final inning can be taken as a sign for things to come and infield fielding today looked much improved from mondays sloppy defeat.  Barrack look to really dig into their new season in the coming weeks and look determined to take what they have learned from the first two games and turn it into a win this coming monday.

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