Alumni News

Rebecca Shaid '20 speaking at JBHA graduation on June 15, 2020

A special graduation for the unique and resilient Class of 2020. Amidst a difficult situation, the joy, love and ruach of our community shone through....Mazal Tov to our seniors!!!

When the Student Becomes the Teacher

Rachel Kosloff Scheinmann ‘88, has a deep connection to Akiba-Barrack. An alumnae of Akiba, Rachel is currently a beloved Barrack history teacher, and she now has four children enrolled at Barrack - Sarah ‘20, Rebecca ‘22, Benny ‘24 and Liora ‘26!  We recently interviewed her for some insight into her experience as a teacher (and a parent) at the school where she was once a student.

Welcome Back Cougars!

We opened our doors this year to 76 legacy students from 46 legacy families which is 22% of the total student body.

Class of 2019

On June 6, 2019, the Barrack community watched as 49 young men and women officially joined the ranks of the 2900+ Akiba-Barrack alumni.

Rebecca Goldstone and Michael Stern

Rebecca Goldstone ’96 and Michael Stern ’96 were presenters at our bi-annual Science Conference: Environmental Science.