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Upper School

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Welcome to the upper school at Barrack Hebrew Academy.

Upper school students enroll in eight major subjects:

Seniors are eligible to take a maximum of three AP courses. Students take elective courses in our of our three Barrack Institutes.

Learning is a dialogue—not a monologue—at Barrack. We are encouraged to think creatively and critically, to ask questions and problem solve. We are prepared to tackle whatever challenge might come our way.


Director of the Upper School

Barrack's Upper School provides a comprehensive college preparatory program infused with timeless Jewish values. We challenge our students to identify their goals and teach them to apply their intellect and values to living a life of impact.

At Barrack, we encourage students to develop grit, resilience, personal integrity, self-confidence, and a strong moral compass. Our students experience outstanding secular academics in humanities, science, math, world languages, and Hebrew, as well as Jewish studies, each designed to challenge students. We offer eight major subjects; extensive arts, engineering, and music electives; and a robust co-curricular program. As they progress academically, their exploration of Jewish values helps them find balance and focus.