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We at Barrack embrace technology in its many applications to enhance our curriculum and pedagogy to benefit the comprehensive student experience. As part of this experience, we strive to offer our students instruction in technology skills to benefit them in their classwork and develop appropriate skills for their life long use of technology. Barrack strives to integrate technology into the heart of its pedagogical philosophy, and we will continue to integrate new and future technologies as they become available.


Barrack offers an up-to-date infrastructure including campus wide Wi-Fi, every classroom has a PC, projector and built in speakers, and document cameras and Mimeo (Smart White Boards) are available to all faculty and classes. Students have access to technology resources including laptops and a computer lab in a Windows environment, and Barrack allows student device access to the Internet and printers (BYOD).

An iPad for every student

This year we are very excited to be providing iPads to every student in both the Middle and Upper Schools. These are being used for student assignments, class notes, many classroom specific apps, and they are being integrated into the curriculum, with onsite support from Apple.

Internet Safety

Barrack also takes the issue of internet safety seriously. Classes discuss and revisit issues such as how to assess legitimate websites for research, plagiarism, and personal safety on the internet. Our students are surrounded by technology--using their cell phones, texting, chatting, social networking and other applications. Safe and sensible use is paramount in our mission.

Technology as a Tool

Barrack views technology not as an end in itself, but rather a tool for transforming learning and an integral part of student life. We also recognize that technology skills must be learned. Thus, we offer our new sixth graders an Introduction to Technology elective, and in all grades we offer specific electives for those students wanting to develop their competency in different applications and areas. Teachers also incorporate technology into their classes as appropriate, supported by our library’s extensive electronic research databases. In our 21st Century classrooms, we are all technology teachers.

Electives and Extra-Curricular Activities

Utilizing the flexibility of the school’s trimester system, students have the opportunity to take technology courses throughout Middle and Upper School

Middle and Upper School students who want to learn more about technology in a relaxed environment can join our lively Computer Club, Robotics Club, Junior Engineering Technical Society, or science clubs.