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Educational Technology

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We ensure we’re knowledgeable about technological innovations without losing sight of the essential content that makes for a well-rounded education.

At Barrack, we incorporate the most advanced technology that best supports today’s model of connected education. This gives our teachers new ways to convey timeless concepts and meet our digital-native students where they are.

Thanks to our wholly integrated technology approach, our students:

  • are engaged and motivated to learn
  • build the skills to succeed in a tech-powered world
  • enjoy expanded course offerings, experiences, and online resources
  • achieve the right balance between high-tech learning and personal interaction
  • understand how to navigate social media in keeping with our core values
Girls working at computers

Technology Snapshot

  • G-Suite for Education for students, teachers, and staff
  • College-level information management
  • Online assignments and grade tracking
  • Dedicated head of technology
  • Multiple online security safeguards to protect our entire community
  • Apple TVs
  • G-Suite apps for working online or offline—any time on any device
  • Parent real-time access to student progress
  • Educational tech coach for students and teachers
  • Meaningful acceptable use policies and enforceable codes of conduct