STEAM Institute

STEAM Institute students working on computers

Our STEAM Institute is a sophisticated, project-based learning program where students engage in design thinking and hands-on learning to encourage students to be innovative, collaborate with others, take risks, and solve problems.

Girls in STEAM Institute installing solar panels

Barrack’s Institute utilizes a STEAM curriculum platform to educate students. We incorporate art and design to further advance creativity and critical thinking skills. The program is available to upper school students only via a selective application process.

Institute participants take a sequence of engineering courses including Introduction to Engineering and Advanced Engineering/Biomedical Engineering in grades 9 and 10, then engage in independent STEAM-based research in grades 11 and 12. The Institute teaches students  to think outside the box, manage setbacks, take chances, and be part of a successful team. Students are taught to innovate and build, bringing their ideas from concept to prototype.

Institute participants often present their independent research at local science fairs and the Intel Science and Engineering Fair. Visit our STEAM projects page to read about featured projects created by our students.

Classes in our STEAM Institute include:

Introduction to Engineering

Control Systems


Arduino Microcontrollers

CAD Design and 3D Printing

Coding, Data Processing, and Graph Analysis

Biomedical Engineering

Forces and Motion

Biomechanics of the Human Body, the Circulatory System, the Nervous System

Artificial Neural Networks

Bioelectronics and Artificial Intelligence

Independent STEM Research