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The Other Finger - Ben Fisher

The objective of this assignment is to create a device that will move the fingers of one’s hand based on coded instructions. This means that it will be instructed to move the finger a certain way. A example would be if you needed to bend your finger but were unable to, there would be a button on the wristband that would use servos to pull and push the finger into the correct position. For this assignment, the device would be attached to the wrist and index finger and when certain muscles in the wrist are flexed the finger will be moved. Many parts of the product will be 3D printed using plastic, the rest will be built by hand.

The inspiration for this project comes from a personal struggle. I am Alyssa Chelder and I am one of the designers of the project. I have a mild disability on my left side which affects many things, including finger movement. When bending my fingers I can only bend them all at once, meaning my fingers are practically useless for a lot of normal tasks such as: holding cups, holding pencils, playing an instrument etc. While this seems like a mild handicap it actually affects a lot.