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Featured STEAM Projects

Laser-etched STEAM notebook in lab
Graded test

My thesis is represented by the first question, with the correct answer being “A”.

Student drawing of Ben Fisher's project

The objective of this assignment is to create a device that will move the fingers of one’s hand based on coded instructions.

Student STEAM project

One must say the Ten Commandments in the Holy Tongue but may be taught the meaning in any language that they hear.

Paper cube with pictures of men's outfits

The idea of this design is that when people are allowed to wear whatever they want, they’re happy, but they hate being forced to wear certain types of clothes.

Torah scroll with image of woman's hand lighting Shabbat candles

This design supports Rabbi Aish’s argument about how women and men should do their own mitzvot--not each other’s.

Project with ribbons reading "Thank you note"

My project is both sides of the debate as to whether or not notes for rehearsal should be given in a big group gathering.