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STEAM at Barrack

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Following the standard set by Maimonides in the 11th century, the disciplines of science and technology provide an essential cornerstone to Jewish education.

At Barrack, we integrate science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) into holistic learning that fosters critical thinking skills. Our hands-on approach focuses on the importance of asking questions and developing new ways to discover the answers

Science, math, technology, and art teachers work together to plan STEAM-based lessons for their students, with a series of electives offered to facilitate integration throughout all grade levels. Lesson topics range from engineering, design, and coding to robotics and three-dimensional ceramic work.

Our STEAM Institute is a sophisticated, project-based learning program where students engage in design thinking and hands-on learning to encourage students to be innovative , collaborate with others, take risks, and solve problems.


of Students Choose to Take Dedicated STEAM Classes


STEAM Institute Students


3D and Ceramic 3D Printers


Top 5

National Placement in TEAM+S Competition

Our program is built around our Innovation STEAM Lab, a comprehensive Makerspace directed by expert professionals with an array of technological resources.

Lab features include:

  • 7 3D and ceramic 3D printers
  • Arduino hardware and software
  • Laser cutter/engraver
  • Solar energy research center
  • State-of-the-art fabrication equipment


STEAM Department Chair

Out of 13 Barrack STEAM students who entered the 65th Annual Delaware County Science and Engineering Fair, all 13 won awards with 12 also advancing to the next round.

Ben '24

First Place - Engineering

"Unpickable Lock"

Jemma '24

Second Place - Chemistry

"Tracking CO2 Emissions From Biopolymers"

Jordana '24

Second Place - Environmental Science

"Plant Growth After Wildfire"

Rachel '24

Second Place - Engineering

"Comparing Packaging Materials"

Sophia '24

Second Place - Medicine & Health

"Evaluating the Enamel Levels of Teeth Under Different Conditions"

Ean '24

First Place - Chemistry

Best of Category - Chemistry

"Analyzing the Effect of Rate of Evaporation on the Crystallization of Iron II Sulfate

Chloe '24

Best of Category - Botany

"Testing Planting Life Hacks"

Edan '24

First Place - Zoology

Best of Category - Zoology

"Aging in Red Wiggler Worms"

Haley '24

First Place - Environmental Science

Special Award - Society of Professional Engineers

"Global Warming's Affect on Monarch Butterflies"

Addison '24

Second Place - Botany

"Comparing nutrients and data of GMO and Non-GMO fruits"

Jaclyn '24

Second Place - Computer Science

"AI Versus Humans"

Mikaela '24

First Place - Behavior & Science

Best of Category - Behavior & Science

"An Exploration Into Parkinson's Law"

Mira '24

First Place - Medicine & Health

"Decelularized Sunflower Modified with Genipin, Starch, & Glycerol as Stem Cell Scaffold"