Middle School Curriculum

Female student with braids taking notes in pencil

Middle School Philosophy

Academic, religious, physical, social, and emotional growth is the focal point of our middle school's dual curriculum in secular and religious subjects. Students are encouraged to think, question, learn, and make decisions based on Jewish and American values.

All middle school students take Math, Core (an interdisciplinary study of history and English), Hebrew, Jewish Studies and Tanakh, and Science, along with electives and/or Resource sessions. Leveled courses in math and Hebrew meet students where they are to ensure that each student can succeed.

Students take:

  • Core (an interdisciplinary study of language arts, history, and social studies)

  • Math

  • Hebrew

  • Jewish Studies

  • Tanakh

  • Science

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Electives including world languages, Resource programs, STEAM, and arts

  • Middle School Majors

Middle school girl raising hand in class