Middle School

Three Middle School students standing outside

Welcome to the Robert Saligman Middle School of the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy.


Middle Schooler at locker

Middle school is a journey of self-discovery that sparks growth and exciting change as our students learn to make decisions, think critically, question thoughtfully, and fully participate in a variety of learning experiences.

Our programs address the needs, interests, and skills of middle-schoolers and encourage them to live and learn by our Derech Eretz/דרך ארץ values of kavod (honor)/כבוד, hesed (loving-kindness)/חסד, ometz lev (courage)/אומץ לב, and kehillah (community)/קהילה. These experiences and values empower our young scholars to embrace challenges and take on new responsibilities. 

Our excellent team of middle school teachers creates a nurturing environment where students draw upon their creativity and curiosity. Our teachers serve as role models who support, challenge, and guide students as they navigate adolescence and explore their passions, take a deep dive into academics, create new friendships, and celebrate our traditions. 

Barrack nurtures the individuality that each member of our middle school community brings to the classroom, playing field, stage, and school community.


Barrack teachers encourage us to question, to think for ourselves. They care about our opinions and inspire us to think creatively, shaping our lives, our values, and our actions.Barrack Student